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Uitgever: Xlibris Us
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781514400203
  • augustus 2000
  • Adobe ePub
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For the last ten years, Dave Purenut has lived at Milton Hershey School, an all-boys school for orphans in Chocolate Town, USA, doing just what hes supposed to. Not any more. Told to set the example as the only senior in his student home, Dave refuses and soon discovers that getting into trouble has its advantages. Like the freedom to do what you choose rather than whats expected. And since the year is 1970, with revolution, sexual freedom, and drugs seemingly everywhere, and with Vietnam looming on his horizon, Dave has a lot of choices to make.

From the

Elizabethtown (PA) Chronicle, 2/8/01

''In COCOA BEANS, first-time novelist Michael J. Hughes finds success by reverting to a tried and true formula, writing about things familiar and intimate...Using this framework, Hughes creates a coming-of-age tale reminiscent of Salingers ''Catcher in the Rye'' and Twains ''The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.''...COCOA BEANS succeeds where many other novels fail--it keeps you turning the pages. Hughes uses a universal experience full of conflict, the maturation process, to draw you in, then uses his own unique experiences to keep you interested. The characters are vibrant and likeable...Hughes turns in an excellant first effort, writing a book thats gripping, powerful and, ultimately, entertaining.''

From the

Harrisburg(PA) Sunday Patriot News, 4/8/01

''COCOA BEANS by Michael J. Hughes is an entertaining coming-of-age novel about the trials and tribulations of a boarding-school student with the unlikely name of Dave Purenut....''


Central PA Magazine, May, 2001

''Drawing from his own life at Milton Hershey School, author Michael J. Hughes tells an emotional and sometimes humorous story... COCOA BEANS will spark memories for those who experienced the school first-hand, and it will also ignite interest in those who havent.''

From the

Hummelstown(PA) Sun, 5/9/01

''Cocoa Beans is a hilarious, nostalgic novel... From visits to the principals office to hooking out at night, Hughes captures the days of strawberry wine and sit-ins flawlessly. Society in general, the village of Hershey circa early 1970s and his characters are portrayed in a real, nostalgic and funny manner. Hughes does an excellent job of taking the reader back to the days when adults disciplined children--often times with little patience--in ways that by todays standards might be labeled abusive. Cocoa Beans is a funny book and captures the times well.''

From Reviews

*****THREE Es FOR COCOA BEANS: ENTERTAINING, ENJOYABLE, AND EASY TO READ: ''Im an avid reader and thoroughly enjoyed reading cocoa beans. Its a coming of age book filled with humor, tenderness and even some tears. Id recommend it for readers of all ages!'' Mary Helfer, Fairport, NY

From Reviews

*****A VERY ENTERTAINING STORY: ''...a great story for anyone who enjoys fiction. While reading it I found myself making comparisons to another great story about a young mans coming of age in The Catcher in the Rye...The author tells this story using what I think are a great combination of qualities in a work of ficiton--a great sense of humor, given to some genuinely unique and interesting characters, and uses his good storytelling ability...I enjoyed it tremendously and think you will too.'' Gary, from Chicago.

From Reviews

*****THIS IS WHAT MADE THE 60s AND 70s FUN!:''I completely enjoyed this book. It falls in line with the Summer of 42, but for the boomer generation coming of age in the 60s and 70s...'' Slowflarunner, from Florida

From Reviews

*****GREAT BOOK: ''This book kept my interest on every page. Purenuts life is very intriguing, and it seems to reflect the life of a Milton Hershey student, at the time, accurately. Cant wait for


*****''Hughes is to be commended, and his book recommended, for balancing its realism with its positive message.''

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Michael J Hughes
Xlibris Us

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