Code Name Green 41

Code Name Green 41
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  • 9781534796669
  • juni 2016
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Here we deal with the interdicting of drug smuggle routes by using Special Forces and secret agents only, no police, no trials, just summary justice as it should be. The question I wanted answered was if hard drugs can be used as a weapon of war. If you could flood an enemy army with drugs, as was done in history, apparently, in Vietnam to the American Army, will you win the war? In more recent times we look at Afghanistan and the poppy fields, would that be a weapon of war and if so, how effective? The answers are thought-provoking to me, our conclusions are studied at various Military Academies. There is a follow up book called Code Name Celery 50 on this one, to complete the story. This where Angelique’s troubled agent, the one we call “Lucy the Lunatic” is first mentioned. She is a counter terrorism agent that was captured by a war lord and escaped, only to be rescued again by Angelique from the place of safety and returned to duty perhaps too soon, but for her own sanity. In this book, she is almost executed by Foxtrot when she lost it during operations. I would say, as the author, that in all the GMJ Books there is not one scene more catching than Lucy’s colleagues surrounding her to protect her from certain death but you can read it yourself, an act of extreme valour that is acknowledged by those involved. Ours is a harsh world, if captured, you will be made to regret that you were born, especially if female. Every kind of sexual and physical abuse will take place and did take place with Lucy. Sometimes, not often, the captured agent gets a chance to take revenge and do so. In Code Name Celery 50, the next book, although not the main theme of the story, that happens. Lucy gets hold of her tormentor and you can read the rest yourself, she is not about to let bygones be bygones. Because of the “Lucy Books” the medical condition known as PNES is now better understood by many readers. Please note that everything you are about to read in GMJ Books about Angelique’s troubled agent “Lucy,”- she features in many missions - is true. She needs your prayers more than ever, her war did not end in her mind, she is still fighting demons. If you have any messages of encouragement for Lucy, I will gladly relay them for you.Description: Angelique Dawson and her team are after an African warlord that captured and tortured one of her agents, Lucy, before she escapes, promising retaliation. He is also deliberately flooding the market with drugs, using the drugs as a weapon of war and a method to destabilise the country. She arranges to cut his smuggle routes with the use of Special Forces and secret agents, operating covertly in another country. She intercepts the drivers of the drug carrying trucks, replacing them with her own people to carry on and reveal the exact route. She then sinks the war lord’s drug carrying barge in Lake Malawi by clandestinely planting limpet mines on the hull, making life hell for the war lord, trying to respond in kind with two tanks, going after the Special Forces and agents. The narrator, Angelique’s bodyguard and later husband, has his hands full to protect her and his men, carry out her orders and keep a wary eye on Lucy, about to crack under the strain. He also knows that Angelique is not telling him everything she is up to, she being her usual “otherwise” self. Code Name Green 41 is the twentieth book of the popular GMJ Series.



juni 2016
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408 pagina's



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