Collaborating With Students in Instruction and Decision Making The Untapped Resource

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Collaborating With Students in Instruction and Decision Making
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  • juni 2010
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This book offers practical strategies to help primary and secondary educators coach and mentor their students to become co-teachers, decision-makers, and advocates. In this unique resource for educators who are attempting to meet the needs of a diverse student population in mixed-ability classrooms, Richard A. Villa, Jacqueline S. Thousand, and Ann I. Nevin anchor practical examples within the current theories of learning and evidence-based research on these non-traditional student roles. Readers will find: - Practical, hands-on resources - Assessment tools - Lesson plans in user-friendly formats - Many personal case studies Collaborating With Students in Instruction and Decision Making provides easy-to-implement methods that can be used in classrooms, school buildings, or across school districts. The book's content is ideal for staff development personnel and school district curriculum specialists as well as faculty in colleges of education dedicated to the development of the teaching, decision making, and the advancement of students' advocacy skills.


Classrooms go further when they are student-driven, and this book provides amazing resources and ideas to empower both students and teachers. From providing a rationale for teacher/student collaboration to helping with the nuts and bolts of the actual work, the authors have written a practical, useful, and inspiring guide for collaboration. -- Renee Salazar-Garcia, Principal This book emphasizes the work of students as significant members of the school and classroom community, not just as recipients of the work that teachers do, but as an integral part that can benefit from the teaching as well as be part of the teaching force. I loved the emphasis on empowering students in this co-teaching arrangement. I also appreciated the focus on listening to students' voices so the work of teachers is based on what students really need. The authors provide knowledgeable and practical advice for personalizing and individualizing instruction for all students while maintaining high expectations. -- Mary A. Falvey, Dean, Charter College of Education This book is a must-read for every administrator seeking to build a school that meets the needs of diverse learners. Villa, Thousand, and Nevin practically and purposefully demonstrate how the reallocation of existing resources can be instrumental in re-forming' schools. The descriptive, step-by-step planning guides empower administrators, new and experienced, to redesign their school community in a way that will increase student achievement without increasing the budget! -- Kimberly R. Donahue, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction In this easy-to-read resource, the authors help educators understand that inclusion isn't something that we do to and for students, but rather, something we must do with students. The powerful anecdotes of educators and students planning, tutoring, and teaching side by side give us new hope and further direction for the creation of inclusive schools. -- Cathy L. Taschner, Assistant Superintendent How powerful learning could be if students and educators shared more of the teaching responsibilities! Educators who use even a few ideas from this text will find their teaching and learning experiences greatly enhanced and far more enjoyable. Best of all, involving students in the teaching experience helps them learn more academically and do more socially. -- Peggy King-Sears, Professor The authors brilliantly bring the reader's focus down to the core of the educational process: the student. This powerful focus on the purposeful engagement of students in their own learning process guides us through reflection, cooperative learning groups, planning, choice, a sense of belonging, and advocacy, as well as social, emotional, academic, and life-skills issues. Resources abound in this contribution to the dialogue of increasing student achievement and well being while reflecting on the whole student. -- Denise M. Gudwin, Educational Consultant and Adjunct Professor



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Richard A. Villa Ann I. Nevin
Ann I. Nevin
Richard A. Villa
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