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Auteur: Carl Thomas
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Carl Thomas
Uitgever: Bookbaby
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  • 9781682225776
  • oktober 2015
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The spiritual realm interacts in the affairs of man. In the Old Testament we see this in the life of Abraham and Lot. If we look at the book of Job we see where his life was greatly affected by demonic spiritual activity when Lucifer challenged God concerning Job's life. We see it in the Exodus of the Chosen People. We see it in the record of Daniel and Isaiah and Ezekiel and Jeremiah. Today man is most often not aware of the existence of this angelic realm, has no concern of the consequences of it, and is led to doubt even the existence of God Himself. Man today does not understand God has not changed His plan but is still active and will complete His purpose. God is going to re-gather the descendants of Abraham and restore them to the land of Israel very soon. They will complete their purpose of evangelizing the world during the Tribulation and into the Millennial Kingdom. The next event on God's calendar is His removal of the body of Christ (those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior) in the Rapture, and then the coming judgment because man has rejected God and in many cases even denies His very existence. After these events Christ will return to the earth and reign forever. The Bible is not a chronological book. It does not start at the beginning with the creation and follow through event by event sequentially to the end, which will be the battle of Armageddon. The Bible is a parenthetical book, meaning the full revelation of everything pertaining to a particular event may be given at various times to different writers. A truth or event may be given to a writer (prophet or priest) and other parts of the same truth or event may be given to different writers, (prophets or priests). It helps us to understand if we can follow through a given event, from writer to writer, or in our case from book to book. This book shows the continuity of God's actions through His prophets. A prime example of this is the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ. Some is found in the Old Testament such as the Book of Micah, some in Isaiah, some in Psalms, and much in the New Testament. The life of Christ is known by most and is not covered in this study. It does illustrate the nature of the revelation of God's Word. Connections will discuss the creation of Lucifer, his sin and his fall. The creation of the heavens and earth will be covered and hopefully better understood. The thorn in the flesh endured by the apostle Paul will be closely looked at. The history of the Oracle People and their failure to respond to God's purpose for them is shown. I think the most important aspect of this work is to awaken people to the consequences of the events happening currently in our world. God has His plan for mankind and His creation and it is in progress today. God told us about the times we are living in now. He spoke through Daniel of the explosion of knowledge that would happen in the last days. This can only happen once. In my lifetime we have gone from the farm, horse and buggy days, to putting a man on the moon and ongoing space exploration. Our technology allows individuals to communicate with others in any part of the world. We see disasters as they happen around the world. God's Word told of these things nearly 3000 years ago. We can listen and understand or we can deny God and what He has told us. The choice is ours to make. The time is urgent because if one studies what God has told us He is going to do we will know what is ahead for us and the days are getting short for us to respond. God's Word says all shall see His coming. We can do that with today's technology. We are without excuse as God told us in the Book of Romans. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of knowing God and His love for us. My hope is that these studies will help our understanding and may cause even one person to reconsider their relationship with our Creator, who is also our Savior, and avoid an eternity in hell.

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oktober 2015
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Carl Thomas

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