Consumable Chaos from the Mouth of the Mind

Consumable Chaos from the Mouth of the Mind
Auteur: Paul Cloutier
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781483671536
  • augustus 2013
  • 96 pagina's
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I have been writing poetry for over twenty years. Only in the past five years have I decided that I should look at some of my past thoughts that were written down. Even if I did not understand the content at that time I do now. So for my first work this is the best of my retrospective of those years. Each is written at a different time in my life and all though some may seem dark at times I was more interested in the questions I tried to answer literally or metaphorically. I am a student of history and I enjoy learning about periods in history that I have yet to learn about. With this interest in my life I have always tried to follow the motto; Those that fail to learn and understand history are destined to repeat the same past mistakes. I laugh now as I see people that obviously do not want to know about human history because they know better make the same mistakes over and over again. All one must do is to read the daily news feeds and I guarantee there are people repeating the foolish mistakes of past humans today. So I want to ask how humanity can exceed its potential so as to not only better each individual human but the society as whole. With the current times I felt that I could no longer stay silent as I watch the country I was born in be ripped apart at the seams. In the wake of that collapse of the past model the rest of the world getting shaken up like a child with a bee hive. The bees are angry and now have begun to swarm not only at the singular child that shook their world but at any one else they happen to find in their path. Even with the entire world changing the US has morphed much more especially if you have studied American history at all. In a battle of giants the last giant standing wins but is left all alone until another can rise to face it. There are no more giants like that and it is unwilling to give up the power it was given to, unlike their hero our first. The tentacles of power attached to the giant has become even too large for it to control itself so how dare we try to impose our views on the multi-headed hydra. Well you do not! All you try to do is taken down at least one head before more can replicate. The intuitive power of curiosity should always keep you asking questions and when those questions are not fully answered then vote the head out. It is true that change begins within ones own self as long as you realize that change is good and staying the same is directly related to tradition and that is something that should be remembered but not at the cost of the future. When the old demands that the future look to the past you should to see how many times we created something great only to be so decadent and tyrannical that destroying the unknown or the object of desire is all humanity knows. So when reading this I want you to question everything you know about yourself, society and the universe as a whole and start from the beginning. Each time you look back many different questions will arise from our collective past that are still left unanswered. It is easy to take things on faith but asking questions is hard and so too are the answers especially when it is the opposite you have learned. Do not fear new things; understand them first, then make a decision based on what new information has been presented and not on old rigid beliefs. Truth hurts but it is a sharp pain compared to the lingering effects of the lies that create reality. Paul D. Cloutier



augustus 2013
Aantal pagina's
96 pagina's
Aanbevolen leeftijd
0 - 2 jaar
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Paul Cloutier
Xlibris Corporation



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