Corporate Scandals

The Many Faces of Greed
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Corporate Scandals
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  • Engels
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  • Paragon House Publishers
  • New title
  • februari 2005
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These days, the business world is rocked more and more often by stories of frauds, thefts, and insider trading...on massive scales. This volume takes an in-depth look at several of the most notorious corporate scandals, inc. Enron, WorldCom, and Parmalat, as well as numerous other colossal white collar crimes. Each is covered in depth with analysis of how it was perpetrated and the knock-on effect on employees, other businesses, governments, and world economies. The authors also present a history of corporate scandals (1800 to present) and offer provocative insights on the institutional changes necessary to restore public confidence in big business.

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Auteur Kenneth Gray, Larry A. Frieder
Co-auteur George Clark
Taal Engels
Oorspronkelijke titel Corporate Scandals
Afmetingen 206x230x150 mm
Gewicht 20,91 kg
ISBN10 1557788383
ISBN13 9781557788382

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