Covert Technological Murder Pain Ray Beam

Covert Technological Murder
Auteur: Renee Pittman
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781492332787
  • Druk: 1
  • september 2013
  • 278 pagina's
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When you press the button on your television remote control to turn the television on, the beam is unseen or detectable yet has made contact. And so it is with the beamed electromagnetic technology in reported use by thousands of victims today nationwide and globally being used as a covert method of physical torture by specific agencies, military personnel in the civilian arena, Federal (FBI - Joint Resource Intelligence Center (JRIC) in California) and Fusion Center leadership as the approving authority for unified military technology and military personnel, state and local police departments the new paradigm. A corrupt division of the Los Angeles Police Department, satellite counter-terrorism division, four floors underground, known as the Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response (RACR) Division is an example of the hidden and monstrous unchecked use of these weapons when used for hideous silencing, suppression of exposure of official illegal wrong, and subjugation.Scalar, Silent Sound, & Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Sonic and acoustic also drone equipped, are in widespread use. As early as the 1930s, Nikola Tesla, and others called these types of weapons, having the health deteriorating effect using electromagnetic energy, the ''Death Ray.'' The characteristic of these technologies covert use, when used in relentless attacks on targeted victims is its intentional, deceptive, frightening design, designed to give the appearance of naturally occurring death although, it is technological, electromagnetic, slow kill. Leukemia, tumorous cancers, heart inflictions and a host of other intentional medical conditions are manifested in targeted victims resulting in slow debilitating illnesses and diseases. Those being used in remote technological experimentation, for many and varied reasons, are witnessing the slow manifestation of illnesses which range also from unusual joint deterioration to depression, migraines, weakness, and fatigue, to also extreme, and medically unexplained, severe neurological problems and autoimmune disease. Whistleblowers are described as ''Primary Targets'' such as Renee Pittman. ''Primary Targets'' are those who have been placed on a hit list, marked for slow kill, and are being heavily targeted, 24/7, in intentional physical and psychological torture programs using remotely directed microwave energy weapons, laser weapons, acoustic sound, and psychotronic weapons in a decisive manner to covertly, technologically, reduce a lifespan. The overall structure of this program is to destroy every aspect of the target's life, mentally and physically by using technology to create systematic tissue and organ damage resulting from the deployment of the focused, directional beam relentlessly. Victims who end up at this level, in this program are often those who begin to realize what is happening and their exposure becoming a threat.''The Program'' does not just stop with primaries. In the full spectrum of this ruthless, testing program, ''Ordinary Victimized Individuals'' are people who have been unsuspectingly put on a list to be either experimented on, destroyed, or mind controlled, with remote frequencies. Women, said to be 70% of those targeted, fit this category. This is especially true when single and living alone and reportedly are also being technologically, sexually exploited. It is all done quietly, covertly, secretly, and is strategical, slyly orchestrated. Without public awareness, through mainstream media, on ''gag orders'' exposing these crimes, victims have no real help, when it is military and unified law enforcement. The torture could then result in ''Covert Technological Murder'' by the ''Pain Ray Beam'' and without leaving a trace. The perfect official crime.



september 2013
Afmeting: 22,9 x 15,2 x 1,6 cm
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278 pagina's



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