Creating Art for All Ages EBOOK Tooltip Discovery and Knowledge in Ancient and Modern Civilizations

Auteur: Frances Flicker
Taal: Engels
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  • Engels
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  • 9781475842081
  • november 2019
  • Adobe ePub
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This is book two of a series of three books. The series takes students on an interdisciplinary cross content journey entitled, Creating Art Through the Ages. Each book provides experiences in language arts, social studies, math and art as the students investigate ancient and modern civilizations.

"Discovery and Knowledge", explores the ancient Roman civilization, the Middles Ages and Renaissance. Explorers set sail to discover land, treasures, raw materials and knowledge on behalf of their mother country and religion. The development of the printing press enabled the disbursement of knowledge through books. Discovery and the pursuit of knowledge is the underlying theme during this era. In this book, it is reimagined for students with experiences through stories, interactive role-playing activities, and art projects.


Combining art education with the humanities is a natural fit. The products created with this teaching method do not simply display technique but also an understanding of other cultures and periods. The art work that Frances Flicker drew from her students was impressive; there were a number of pieces I wanted to take home! -- Lisa Ehrle, retired school librarian If art education has always baffled you, this book is the key to unlock its mysteries. Frances Flicker takes you on a journey to discover the secrets to producing quality work from your students, and quite possibly, yourself. Join me on this treasure hunt and use the lessons outlined in this, and future books, in the series. -- Julie Cummings, educator, and author of Ride of My Life As an experienced middle school art teacher, Frances Flicker knows that, in order to for students to think creatively and become innovative problem solvers, it is imperative that educators teach creatively and innovatively. Innovations and Influences, the first book in the Creating Art through the Ages Series allows teachers to do just that. With art from a specific time period featured as the centerpiece, each well-crafted interdisciplinary lesson contains everything a classroom teacher needs, including the necessary background knowledge and engaging stories to share with students, as well as experiences in language arts, math and social studies. This book provides art projects from prehistoric cave drawings to ancient Greek masks. Art isn't created in a vacuum, why should it be taught in one? The answer is simple. It shouldn't. And if you use this book, it won't be! -- Julie Danneberg, middle school social studies and language arts teacher and best-selling author of children's books, including First Day Jitters

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november 2019
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Discovery and Knowledge in Ancient and Modern Civilizations
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