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  • maart 2018
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Crime and Justice offers a comprehensive introduction to the U.S. criminal justice system through historical and contemporary case studies. Extensively revised and updated, the second edition features new chapters on terrorism, the war on drugs, and gender, as well as expanded coverage of white collar crime, victims' issues, and more. Powerful case studies engage students while teaching critical concepts.


Crime and Justice: Learning though Cases is an effective pedagogy and popular teaching format for students. ... Each case serves the core learning objectives within each chapter; the narrative form of the case holds student attention and provides historical, sociological, political, and legal context for each case, which provides rich detail for class discussion, analysis and assignments. ... Crime and Justice offers all the tools instructors need to successfully apply the case method approach to a traditional classroom. Each chapter covers the core knowledge required for an overview of the criminal justice system that prepares students for higher-level courses on the justice system. Written in a highly accessible compelling and concise prose, this engaging text is suitable for a first-level course in a wide range of institutions. * Sir Read Alot Book Review * Overall, the text offers a unique and engaging approach to crime and justice issues via the case study method. I like the mixture of classic and contemporary case study selections. -- Danielle McGurrin, Portland State University I created the Ethics in Criminal Justice course at the University of Louisville over a decade ago and have used virtually all of the most used texts, including the first edition of Carolyn Boyes-Watson's text. I am delighted to see this second edition. My students find the case study much more useful than the traditional approach to textbooks in the field. I think this has to do with the fact that they find it more interesting and relevant. This approach certainly improves their class participation in the discussion at hand. -- J. Price Foster, University of Louisville Crime and Justice is clearly constructed around sound pedagogical principles, including the use of case studies, learning objectives, key concepts, and avenues for students to learn more about topics of particular interest. Most chapters conclude with readings, websites, or videos that students can access to learn more about the case. This structure is consistent with sound pedagogical principles for college student learners. The authors did an excellent job of choosing case studies that not only introduce and illustrate key concepts, but also raise questions without clear answers. I want my students to understand that the criminal justice system is messy; that it is built around time- and place-specific answers to moral questions, and that decisions made daily by criminal justice actors involve moral judgments. Using the case studies as an integral part of the book's architecture is an effective way to highlight the complicated nature of the system. -- Sara Steen, University of Colorado-Boulder An extraordinarily effective textbook that, by bringing to life a series of key criminal justice cases, provides students with an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the role of law in attempting (not always successfully) to achieve justice in the United States. As was the case with the first edition, Boyes-Watson once again has written a book that will challenge and fully engage the best students while remaining fully accessible to all students. It is, in my opinion, an indispensable teaching tool for courses in Crime and Politics. -- William P. Schaefer, Hofstra University At our busy community college my colleagues and I have successfully used the case studies in Carolyn Boyes-Watson's Crime and Justice for several years. The exciting new cases and enhanced materials in this second edition will strengthen our ability to relate the chapters to actual criminal justice experiences. Case studies bring together our traditional students and the working professionals in our classes in active discussions and peer teaching. Learning through cases works particularly well for me in my on-line sections. -- Henry DiCarlo, Massasoit Community College

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maart 2018
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