Cultural Environment 101 A Plan for a Master Plan

Cultural Environment 101
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  • april 2016
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As a little boy, I can remember some of my earliest years spending time with my great aunt as she raised me at her residence. I did not at that time realize many of the dynamics that were occurring or that had occurred for that matter of fact. However, I can clearly remember some very relative observations about the environment and nature in general that is very important to some of my fundamental considerations of what is necessary about the environment in general. My great aunt was very much into the environment in that she had all kinds of herbs, fruit and vegetable going on in her back yard. Just to mention a few, there were apricot trees, plum trees, peach trees, a pear tree, a fig tree, an apple tree, a pecan tree and she even had a garden as I remember it. There were even times when she and I would go on nature walks and she would instruct me how to get natural dirt from the ground and we would eat it just like candy as an eatable treat. This was complimented by the religious yard work which was a great deal of fun that she would allow me to get involved in. Therefore, this is not just a mouth full but it is also a very genuine beginning to base this publication on with regard to bringing possibly beneficial information that will help encourage a kind of cultural encouragement towards the environment and even some degree of healing from this perspective where necessary. Much has occurred sense these humble beginnings, but this foundation referenced was remarkable to say the least bit about the environment and how it is very important to the survival and continuation of humanity in general. This is why it seemed necessary to bring this publication to the surface to share it with those interested readers and willing participants about this notion of what should we do about our environment and some of the realities that may be connected to our everyday survival from a cultural perspective? Is it possible to come up with a game plan that could be useful to our everyday survival efforts in this momentum? How is this relative? Why is it important? What does culture have to do with this? Lastly, I will present this from a presentation that was orchestrated to express these original sentiments accordingly. This is why I have been convicted to introduce this as this original publication entitled - Cultural Environment 101: A Plan for a Master Plan. It also seemed fitting to include my original effort that I have been participating in called Five Degrees of Space as will be identified further during this original publication. Please allow me to think all of those individuals who put in a good day’s work to be complimentary to the environment favorably far and near in any regard. It also seemed fit to also show gratitude to those individuals and relative information not traditional brought forward to more clearly reflect our environment from a cultural perspective. Furthermore, through my fact finding, it was humbling to find out that some of those individuals who I humbly come from were very much visible with their environments many years before I was born. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to dedicate this to some very wonderful mothers or many years before me. This involved my Great Grandmother’s mother whose name was Emily Doss and her husband’s name was Mr. Abe Frierson. Equally so, I would like to dedicate this to my Great Grandfather’s mother whose name was Ms. Peggie Jordan. The presentation referenced will be reflected by the larger boldfaced numbers and the presentation will be carried out in a large font for those willing participants and readers who may typically need these accommodations.



april 2016
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208 pagina's



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