Dark Matter Secrets 80 Years of Spooky Magic

Auteur: Abbott Magic Co
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Dark Matter Secrets


Over 80 years in the making. Abbott's Dark Matter Secrets is simply the greatest compilation of "spooky" magic effects ever assembled. The ultimate Halloween magic book, Abbott's Dark Matter Secrets has well over 100 effects (142 is our unofficial count) and includes Stage Illusions (complete with workshop plans), Side Show Illusions (again, complete with workshop plans), Parlor effects, Escape Effects, Mentalism Effects, etc. Dark Matter Secrets is Abbott Magic's expression of spooky magic that it has sold in one form or another over the last 80 years. All of the items in Dark Matter were (at one time or another) part of Abbott publications either in book form, magazine form, workshop form, trick form, or instructional form. Some of these effects are very old, some are very recent. Some are geared toward professional magicians and professional wood workers, some you can do right after you read them. Some are downright gruesome while others are geared toward comedy. All are designed to be presented in that spookiest time of the year – Halloween.Not just for magicians, but for anyone who decorates for Halloween and wants to add a little "magic" to the displays. Whether simply decorating your den or a full blown haunted house, Dark Matter Secrets will enhance the Halloween experience. While many of these magic effects are designed to be performed for children, this book in general is NOT for children and its contents should be kept from them. This book and its contents are also not for the general public information. For this reason, its secrets should be carefully guarded.Below is a list of all the effects you will receive in this one publication.
Alien Intruder (Burned Alive)AstrologiaBewitched SilksBook of the DeadBox of SatanBuzz Saw IllusionCasadega CabinetCatch a GhostChopleviCome Good SpiritsCome Good Spirits 2CyclopsDevil CardDevil IllusionDramatiqueEinstein's Bermuda TriangleEthereal Message CabinetFarmer and the WitchFloating CandleFloating Dancing SilkFloating HandkerchiefFortune Telling with CardsFraidy Cat Spooky PatterFrame of Life and DeathFrankenstein Release PatterGambol of the GhostGhost MaterializationGhost SlatesGhost Walks EscapeGrin SkullGuillotineGuillotine on WheelsHandy HalloweenerHathaway SefalaljiaHaunted Flower PotHaunted HouseHaunted MillHaunted WindowHead in WebHeadless WomanHellstromismHippity Hop SkeletonsHow to Make a MonsterInvulnerable ladyIt FloatsImpromptu Devils HankKnife Through ThumbLiving and Dead Tests (12)Living HeadMabel IllusionMagic MirrorMagic Mummy (12)Magician Ghost and GirlMan Without a HeadMedium Knows ItMiracles With SpikesMirror of FateModernistic AmputationMoth and the FlameMummy Cloth of the NileNew System BackdropPhantasmo IllusionPhone ESPPogo Ball ExploredRadio Spirit CabinetRapping Hand (Robot)Rapping Hand (Spirit)Rapping Hand PatterRising BroomRising Cards CloseupSatans SeatSecond Sight ActSeeing through a GirlSefalaljiaShredder IllusionSkullduggerySlow Motion Silk SerpentSnake BasketSnake Basket RoutineSorcars Magic CircleSpider and the PipSpider Card MysterySpider Girl IllusionSpirit Bell PatterSpirit Cabinet ActSpirit Cabinet Club ActSpirit Cabinet Rapp ActSpirit Floating TableSpirit GlassSpirit PhotographySpirit Rope TieSpirit SeanceSpirit Slate EffectsSpirit Slates No FakeSpirit Slates Phantom SignerSpirit Tie KnotsSpirit Ventriloquist RoutineSpooky Dancing SlippersSpooky MessageSpooky ToothpicksStarologySupernatural MentalismSword of DamoclesTalking Skull MechanicalTalking Skull SimplicityTalking Skull RoutineThurston Spirit CabinetTrapped in SpaceUltra Violet Flying CarpetVampire Block PatterWandering SkeletonWire and Rope TiesWitch Broom Rope IllusionWitches OvenX The Unknown QuantityX-Ray HumanZombieZombie Device ActZombie Scary PatterZombie Tips2 BONUS TOPICS-Magic as Halloween Decorations-Commercial Magic Comments
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80 Years of Spooky Magic

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