Day of the dragon

Warcraft #1
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Day of the dragon
Bindwijze: Paperback


Richard A. Knaak


  • Engels
  • 384 pagina's
  • New title
  • mei 2003
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In the mist-shrouded haze of the past, the world of Azeroth teemed with wondrous creatures of every kind. Mysterious Elves and hardy Dwarves walked among tribes of man in relative peace and harmony, until the arrival of the demonic army known as Burning Legion shattered the world's tranquility forever. Now Orcs, Dragons, Goblins, and Trolls all vie for supremacy over the scattered, warring kingdoms - part of a grand, malevolent scheme that will determine the fate of the world of WARCRAFT. A terrifying upheaval among the highest ranks of the world's Wizards sends the maverick Mage, Rhonin, on a perilous journey into the Orc-controlled lands of Khaz Modan. What Rhonin uncovers is a vast, far-reaching conspiracy, darker than anything he ever imagined - a threat that will force him into a dangerous alliance with ancient creatures of air and fire if the world of Azeroth is to see another dawn.

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Auteur Richard A. Knaak
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 32x178x111 mm
Gewicht 180,00 gram
Druk 1
ISBN10 0671041525
ISBN13 9780671041526
Product breedte 111 mm
Product hoogte 32 mm
Product lengte 178 mm

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Categorieën Thrillers en fantasy > Science fiction > Avontuur
  Computer > Games en spellen > Computergames
  Thrillers en fantasy > Fantasy > Meer fantasy
Type boek Boek
Bindwijze Paperback
Verschijningsjaar 2003

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