Dear God EBOOK Tooltip An Impatient Conversation with a Patient God

Taal: Engels
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Uitgever: Bookbaby
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781483515960
  • december 2013
  • Adobe ePub
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Can you imagine how many issues we deal with every day? Can you imagine capturing each of those issues for 365 days and being able to look back a year later and see the benefits of your struggles? There is a saying that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and I believe reading this book will surely make you stronger. Every response to the questions I've asked, I've written just the way I've heard it. I have not been always consistent in my writings, so there are some responses that I've lost. Luckily those I've captured are sufficient to blast you into the mode of super growth and help you to become an over-comer willing to live life to your fullest and explore your true potential. If you want to become an over-comer and conquer issues such as spiraling emotions, lust, and temptation read my book. If you want to over-come an addiction and regain your spiritual peace, read my book. If you ever catch yourself judging others read on. If fear has become your security blanket, or you're stuck in a dead-end job read my book. If there is a quiet cry of uncertainty due to medical bills, utility bills, car notes, mortgages, rising fuel, and food cost read my book. If you are bludgeoned by bill collectors, and bank overdraft fees read my book. If you feel burnt out, or like a failure, or are wrapped up in self-pity read my book. If you feel like you live in a troubled world with news of terrorism, suicide bombers, political upheavals, collapsing economies, abortion, gay marriage, racism, class-ism, prejudice, and other hot topic issues, then read my book. If you work in an environment where you deal with angry people all day, where each Monday leaves you wondering if you are going to make it to Friday, read my book. If you feel like you always find a way to mess things up, read my book. If you ever had dreams of becoming rich and famous read on. If your ego has ever been so badly bruised that you want to disappear into a dark corner, then read my book. If you are on a journey to achieve peace of mind and discover the real you with all your potential, then you must read my book. You see I was all the things that I mentioned before, all those things in one year, but God delivered me into a better place. God gave me peace of mind, and fulfilled my dreams of becoming a publish author.

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Adobe ePub


Ricardo Williams

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An Impatient Conversation with a Patient God
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