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Auteur: Tony Miles
Uitgever: Smashwords Edition
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781386052135
  • januari 2018
  • Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
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Collection of 8 short stories,based on interviewee's experiences


''My Life of misery continued, each time I made love to Anthony,I saw your face,wet with tears staring angrily at me''.

''You must all unite like the spider's web to hijack the Jacks and Janes from the plains of power''

''Forgiveness is man's way of reconciling with each other, considering it cannot be overused''

''I succumbed to my misguided vanity, that tears and strength are not twinned and cut short the interview,like a whimpering coward,who mistook the acts of displaying

human sympathy towards another,for weakness,and capped and capped that unconscionable behaviour by unleashing my appetite for a couple of drinks.

Deaths Foretold:Hints,foretelling deaths of my mother and brother,the other, like the two were heralded by tears. A clock set to alarm at 12 noon mysteriously alarmed at 11:40 am,exact time my brother Georgie died.And what of Elizabeth, whose tears at a function foretold the tragic death of her male companion six days prior.

MARTHA: A medical practitioner also wedded to one. She has been a widow for over twenty- nine-years suffering from self pity,and remorse.Lack of communication between the couple while her husband fought terminal illness led to her unhappy life after his passing.

JESSICA: Deception of her husband whom she gave a jacket(passing on fatherhood to another) exposed the Russian roulette-like actions. Taken toward the precipitous cliff of an incestuous relationship with the son she didn't recognize. Her fortune acquired from divorce settlement disappeared like ice cubes in meters of snow. Was Karma at play?

SAMMY SPADES:Took us on life's unpredictable journey from police officer to senior manager turned pig farmer. A dramatic turn of events after being the victim of an accident caused by a drunken driver,meant his medical bill drained his family's resources. A dream saved him from financial ruin.The police officer forgave and forged a meaningful relationship with the individual speaks to our capacity for mercy.

CASSANDRA :The victim of twin betrayal by her best friend and her boy-friend She took her disappointment to a new level of forgiveness,when she unearthed the truth behind the girl-friend's motive for betrayal . Caught up in the circle of deception, her own infidelity during her boyfriend's overseas trips brought her commitment into question.

MIRANDA: Brought up in the ghetto, parented by a gangster father and a mother who operated a brothel.Between them,her parents had seventeen other children with multiple partners.Her life while hanging on the cliff of despair, used her strength and mental fortitude to turn it around,motivating her mother's sex slaves to grasp the opportunity for a better life as well.

JACKIE AND JONATHAN: Thought they were able to swim out of the pool of poverty after Jackie landed a well paid job,faced with the monster of sexual harassment by her boss. The power of her faith,strength and touching humility resulted in the dismissal of her boss.

BELINDA: Your tear duct will be fully activated as you flip these pages. Belinda attractive and brilliant young lady,became the victim of evil men and poor role model parenting.She was taken into the world of drug addiction,using her as a sex machine,broken mentally and physically. Unfortunately she did not accept the life line of a second chance,as is divinely ordained, even using the butterfly as proof of that intention. .

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januari 2018
Ebook formaat
Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Tony Miles
Smashwords Edition

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