Deep Roots Necessary Foundations of Life

Taal: Engels
Deep Roots
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  • 9781481825351
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  • december 2012
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The differentiation between success and failure is based upon the way we perceive the daily events of life and the way we react or act on them. Every person has their set of problems in their lives but a winner convert them into opportunities, while a loser converts even opportunities into problems and blaming everyone else for their difficulties in life. A loser can indict the whole world for the pain in her life; in contrast a winner would enjoy everything in her life while appreciating her life and getting value out of it. Losers are generally confused fellows who lack focus and commitment for anything. In contrast, the winners have clarity about everything in their lives. They are optimistic people who look for possibilities in their lives. The basic difference between a winner or a loser is the foundations on which her life is built. Foundations are the values and beliefs of a person, which are strictly followed by the people in their life. Foundations define the life of the person, the way she lives and the decisions she takes in her life. They bring the clarity in the life of the person by helping her to embrace the right choices from the options presented to her. A person with clarity generally has a set of personal principles or rules based upon which she lives her life. These principles define her actions in life, making her to commit for something while rejecting others. The clarity arising out of foundations improves her focus on actions, making them more efficient and effective. Not all foundations are right and help in getting success in life, instead they pull us down. These foundations are built on wrong beliefs and values. Some people are wrong in saying that these values are context based, as they serve a group of people while it may have negative effect on others. According to them, these values must be considered as right as they are helpful for a group of people, at least. But the definition of right evolves from the general principles of morality which outlines the equality, happiness and prosperity of all human being irrespective of their association.We all may have our set of beliefs and values which are learnt and experienced over a long period of time, repeatedly, throughout our lifetime. They are responsible, as they define our decisions and actions, for the situation we are in today, which could be good or bad. Every person needs to know the right foundations which can take every person towards their goals. We need to review our foundations some of which could be wrong. This work focuses on the foundations which are right and would take any person towards their success. These foundations would help any person to review her beliefs, principles and rules in life to make the necessary corrections. The foundations specified are used by people to bring the necessary positive changes in their lives. You can meet any successful person and identify their foundations and principles of their life, in most of the cases the foundations would be derivative of the points presented in this book. This book is written in extremely simple format so that anyone, even a layman, is able to understand it completely. The descriptions in the book are kept minimal so that each foundation is understood in few minutes. Excessive description, examples and case studies are intentionally avoided so as to keep the book within the reasonable word limits and to deliver the message to readers with maximum value.



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Necessary Foundations of Life
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