Domain-driven Design

Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

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  • augustus 2003
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Pearson Education Domain-Driven Design

Reviews Domain-driven Design

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  • De bijbel van DDD
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    Een prachtig boek over DDD. Je merkt wel dat de inhoud in 2003 toen het geschreven was nog scherpe randjes bevat. Het blijft echter een bijzonder goede basis voor DDD.

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  • Goed boek voor ontwikkelaars en stakeholders
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    Zeer goed boek over Domain Driven Design. Gaat goed en begrijpelijk in op de materie maar soms moet er even goed nagedacht worden over de stof.

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  • Remarkable advice & approach

    If the advice and the underlying processes and procedures outlined in this book are followed any software engineering process or lifecycle approach will be dramatically improved. Note that the material in this book is as applicable to agile methods as they are to heavy approaches, including the still used waterfall SDLC. Why five stars? Because this book peels off the layers of what is wrong with development, discarding them and replacing them with alternatives that promote communications among all stakeholders, placing design into its proper context, and provides the glue that binds subject matter experts from business and technology domains into a cohesive team using the same language and pursuing the same goals. On the surface this seems like common sense, but in practice, it is rarely done. Indeed, the lack of the ingredients given in this book on most projects is the reason why so many projects fail or are cancelled, and why there exists today a real disconnect between IT and the business. Following this book, implementing the practices, and managing to them will make a world of difference in the success rate of any organization, large or small. I like the copious examples to illustrate the technical concepts, and especially chapters 9 (Making Implicit Concepts Explicit) and 14 (Maintaining Model Integrity) because these are two areas in design that I've observed to be potential failure points - the first because too often wrong assumptions are made and locked in, and the second because models sometimes take on a life of their own and morph into unintended things. This book emphasizes a number of critical success factors, including knowledge, communication, control and vision. If the material is approached as merely an intellectual exercise then you'll probably be dissatisfied with the book. If, on the other hand, you are genuinely seeking a solution to a high project failure rate or disconnect among stakeholders, and are willing to do what it takes this book will provide a blueprint for success.

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Eric Evans
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augustus 2003

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