Don't Lose Your Temper When Your Child Does A Guide to Dealing with Angry Children

Auteur: Dr Paul Seidel
Taal: Engels
Don't Lose Your Temper When Your Child Does
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781519427717
  • december 2015
  • 124 pagina's
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Do you have a hot-tempered child? Are his/her tantrums driving you nuts? Have you tried everything but the anger just wont go away?
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Get some good counsel from Dr. Seidel! Download his “Don't Lose Your Temper when Your Child Does” parenting manual now!
Dr. Seidel is a master of creating highly imaginative characters that are both enjoyable and educational to children of any background. He has produced a long list of children’s books and has also written several parenting manuals. Dr. Seidel is actually Dr. Paul Seidel. He’s a famous German pediatrician who migrated to America in 1989 with his wife, Clarice, and their 4 children to pursue his dream of being a cartoonist. While he was struggling to find a publisher for his cartoons, he continued to practice his profession and was gaining much success as a pediatrician. Then he caught his big break when he started to make educational cartoons and showed some of his work to a patient’s parent who owned a publishing company. A deal was closed and his work gained massive public approval. He has since then continued to create a number of storybook characters and have elevated to writing books about proper parenting. Today, he still writes books and practices his profession. He has, however, become a popular councilor to families all over America.

This manual by Dr. Seidel offers straightforward advice about how to not just calm down your angry child but also train him/her to control his emotions!
In this book, you will find techniques on how to calm-down a child who is having a tantrum. No matter what the cause of the anger may be, you will definitely know how to effectively manage your child’s anger outbursts after you have read this book. Furthermore, this book doesn’t only give you short-term remedies, but more importantly long-term ones! Dr. Seidel knows that advice on how to stop an outburst isn’t enough. He also provided you with literature on how to mold a child who is in control of his emotions.

Become a better parent in the process!
Aside from the kind of advice that has already been mentioned, Dr. Seidel offers a lot more parenting tips through this book that can help you effectively deal with whatever emotion your child is having. In turn, you will not only learn how to master the art of managing your child’s anger, but also masterfully handle the unpredictability of your child. You will become the world’s greatest mom/dad!

Mold a child with the proper manners, attitude, and character!
Because of all the parenting advice that you will be getting from this book, your child will benefit more than just being able to control his temper. He/she will grow into a person who knows how to handle himself/herself in society. He/she will eventually grow up to become a very responsible person of the world who has the right kind of character. Aside from relieving anger outbursts, you are actually molding a model citizen in your child!

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Stop the tantrums and start molding a bright future for your child! Get Dr. Seidel’s “Don't Lose Your Temper when Your Child Does” manual now!

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december 2015
Aantal pagina's
124 pagina's



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A Guide to Dealing with Angry Children
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