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Double Teamed
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  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781311832283
  • mei 2014
  • Adobe ePub
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Five Hardcore MMF Threesome Sex Shorts

Double teamed, a sex fantasy that commands a whole lot of attention! When a woman takes on two guys, the situation is intense as hell! In this collection from Naughty Daydreams Press, you'll find five lovely babes taking on two men at once, and that's just the beginning. There's double penetration, doctor patient sex, first anal sex, and even blackmail sex. This is your collection for hot mmf threesome sex, so download it today!


Liz is happy to help her friend Tiffany out with wedding photos. Her business has grown, but taking pictures for a childhood friend is so much sweeter than shooting strangers. She's especially excited to see two groomsmen, Ryan and Todd, both of which are handsome, smart, and very sexy. She'd love to be with either of them, but she certainly doesn't expect what happens after the wedding, when she has both of them at once! It's a red hot double team sex encounter complete with her very first anal sex and a steamy double penetration!

TWO COCKS AT THE CABIN: A Double Team Outdoor Sex Short by Julie Bosso

Pam is excited about her summer job at the campground, and she's warmly welcomed by the lovely Emily, her boss for the summer. She also can't take her eyes off the handsome and sexy camp worker Wade, though! In fact, a little later, she ends up masturbating in the shower just thinking of him. When she's almost caught without any clothes on, she hides behind a bunk bed, and oh boy, does she see a sight! Emily is not only taking on Wade, but one more guy, too, in a rough and hot double team sex encounter right in the cabin.

HOT DOC ALL TIED UP AT THE FRAT HOUSE (A Sexy Doctor Bondage with Reluctant Double Team Sex Erotica Story) by Kate Youngblood

It's not easy to get patients to take you seriously when you're almost a genius, got through school in no time at all, and look like a sex kitten. It's even harder when this twenty-year old bombshell makes house calls. She's about to discover just how easy it is for her patients to think of her as nothing more than tits and ass, too, because a house call to the frat house doesn't result in a normal doctor/patient interaction. Instead, there's bondage, rough sex, and a scorching double team sex encounter!

I'LL TELL YOUR HUSBAND: A Blackmail Double Team Short by Veronica Halstead

Gina misses her husband, who hasn't lived up to his promise to move his office to the house. So, she's actually thinking she'll enjoy it when a contractor blackmails her into sex in her house. When her husband comes home unexpectedly, though, the tryst turns into a vicious and rough double team sex encounter complete with forced deep throat, double team sex, spanking and a very, very, very rough first anal sex experience!

GIVING UP MY VIRGIN ASS TO MY HUSBAND AND HIS FRIEND: A Wife Sharing Double Team Short by Debbie Brownstone

Stacy is angry at her husband Grant because he's let his friend Danny spend the evening with them on Valentine's day because Danny just broke up with his girlfriend. Stacy tries to torment him by showing Grant the very sexy outfit he could have seen her in. Boy is she surprised when Grant suggests she model it for both her husband and his friend. If she was surprised and reluctant then, she's in for a whole lot more because it isn't long before Grant isn't only saying, "watch my wife." Pretty soon, he's completely up for a wife share with Grant, and "Bang my wife!" is the order of the day! She won't be an anal virgin much longer.



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Adobe ePub


Naughty Daydreams Press
Naughty Daydreams Press

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