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  • 9781591437635
  • oktober 2014
  • Adobe ePub
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A guide to co-dreaming with animals for personal and planetary evolution

• Presents lucid dream encounters with living polar bears and teachings from polar bear spirits

• Explores ways to consciously engage with dreams, co-dream with animals through shared awareness, and form human-animal dream relationships

• Reveals the role of human-polar bear dreaming in the Earth’s planetary evolution

Dreams speak to us on deep levels. Through dreaming we open a gateway to our inner world. Through lucid dreaming we open to conscious interaction with the surroundings, happenings, and living beings within the dreamscape.

Over many years, animal communicator Dawn Baumann Brunke dreamed of polar bears. One night, a lucid dream triggered the realization that not only was she dreaming of a living polar bear but also that the polar bear was dreaming of her. Through shared dream encounters, Brunke became adept at connecting with the bear both while asleep and awake. Together, they explored nonphysical locales where lucid dreamers meet to join in consciousness and co-dream together.

Recounting the dreams she had with polar bears as well as with a council of spirit bears, Brunke presents techniques she learned to enter shared dreamscapes and form meaningful dream relationships with other species. Brunke also examines how our assumptions about polar bears, or any animal, can teach us about ourselves. As we awaken to the wisdom of our dreams, we begin to heal ourselves and our Earth.

Sharing ways to recall dreams and engage lucid dream awareness, Brunke shows how dreamwork can help us forge deeper connections with the natural world and move more consciously in planetary evolution with all beings. Guided by the polar bears in her dreams, the sacred guardians of North Pole evolutionary energy, Brunke reveals how we can each dream ourselves awake and, with animal companions and guides, help dream a new world into being.


Many of our customers may already practice lucid dreaming. For those who don't, this book will be a great starting point. This book is filled with helpful hints to make accessing and interpreting dreams easier... Dreaming with Polar Bears is sure to become a favorite. * Retailing Insight, Anna Jedrziewski, December 2014 * Dawn Brunke has taken time to listen deeply to what has called her. She helps us to awaken, to open our being, to recover the sacred covenant of our vocation as custodians of the planet to become co-creators and co-dreamers with the many beings on, below, and above our Earth of a new dream sourced from the heart. I cannot think of a more important message for our time. * Veronica Goodchild, Ph.D., faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute and author of Eros and Chaos * This book is a must for anyone interested in lucid dreaming and developing relationships with teachers in the spirit world through dreams. It asks deep questions and offers unique answers gleaned from a lifetime of dream experiences. * Nicki Scully, author of Power Animal Meditations and Planetary Healing * Dawn Brunke's extraordinary gift of openness to the ancient ways of communication with the animal world opens new horizons to explore the interconnectedness of all life. Her polar bear dreams invite us to stop: to open our eyes, feel, listen, and remember; to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open our hearts to share with all that is. May this book remind us that we are part of nature and how living that reality can bring a meaningful and balanced life. * HRH Princess Irene of the Netherlands, author of Dialogue with Nature * More than once I've fallen into the arms of Dawn Brunke's books with joyful delight, and Dreaming with Polar Bears has had me falling all over again. The author is a wise guide of oft-hidden transhistorical traditions. She gives us all a much needed reminder of how to restore our connections to the vital realities of the dreaming world and the world of dreaming. * Simon Buxton, author of The Shamanic Way of the Bee * Right from the introduction you will be drawn in, fascinated by Dawn Brunke's exploration of conscious dreaming and her ability to deeply communicate with animals. Her enthralling exploration will explode your awareness into new possibilities. Read and dream on. * Penelope Smith, animal communication specialist and author of Animal Talk * In this remarkable book, Dawn Brunke reminds us that we exist within an interconnected oneness of depth, beauty, and awareness--if only we wake up, look around, and listen. Lucid dreaming helps us experience deeper connections in a life-altering way and recognize the living awareness of other species, our shared planet, and the vast universe. Dreaming with Polar Bears encourages us all to wake up, remember, and understand this ancient knowledge. * Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self * Dreaming with Polar Bears is beautiful, powerful, and enchanting and invites us to grow our experience of the dreaming universe. We learn that as we become conscious dreamers we are never confined to one form or one world. What better mentor than a polar bear who is dreaming with you? * ROBERT MOSS, author of Conscious Dreaming *

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23,5 x 15,2 x 1,3 cm
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Adobe ePub


Dawn Baumann Brunke
Bear & Company

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Spirit Journeys with Animal Guides
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