Epsom Salt Discover the Myriad Benefits of This Magnesium-Rich Miracle for Your Health, Beauty, Fitness, Home, and Garden

Epsom Salt
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Curious to find out how you can benefit from epsom salt? We've got you covered!

Whether you want to relax, relieve your muscle pain, detox your body or pimp up your garden: The incredibly versatile Epsom Salt can help you - in a very affordable way! This guide shows you how - with lots of step by step Epsom Salt recipes!

This guide shows you what Epsom Salt and Magnesium can do for you and how it can become your affordable companion in so many different areas of your life:

  • If you are into sports and fitness, then Epsom Salt helps to ease muscle pain after exercice. We also show you how you can boost your performance thanks to Epsom Salt and Magnesium!
  • On the lookout for affordable and natural skin care products? We've got some amazing Epsom Salt recipes for you, which help you to rejuvenate your skin, get rid of dry lips or even to increase the volume of your hair!
  • Looking for those little moments every day that are just for you? How about an Epsom Salt bath? Learn how to make the perfect bath bomb for ultimate relaxation!
  • Are you into gardening? How about knowing how to get rid of nasty weeds without pesticides, growing the perfect rose or getting the greenest grass in your neighborhood? You guessed it, Epson Salt can do the trick!
  • Even for home decoration Epsom Salt comes in handy. This guide shows you how you can use it to create luminaries, greeting cards, holiday jars and much, much more!

Here's A Breakdown Of What You'll Learn About:

  • The History of Epsom Salt
  • What Epsom Salt Actually Is
  • The Health Benefits Of Epsom Salt
  • The Beauty Benefits of Epsom Salt
  • The Fitness Benefits of Epsom Salt
  • The Relaxation Benefits of Epsom Salt
  • Gardening Techniques with Epsom Salt
  • Crafts with Epsom Salt

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oktober 2016
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62 pagina's



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Discover the Myriad Benefits of This Magnesium-Rich Miracle for Your Health, Beauty, Fitness, Home, and Garden

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