Erotiek - House Of She-Males - Vol. 13

Erotiek - House Of She-Males - Vol. 13
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Nacho Vidal returns with the lucky 13th volume of HOUSE OF SHE-MALES, featuring nine sultry pre-op transsexuals who look straight into the camera and show you exactly what you want to see! From wannabe porn starlets to the tranny next store, there's sultry she-males of all stripes presented at their most intimate. The disc includes photo galleries and trailers.
Scene one: Angie Santodomingo is a hardbody brunette with black bangs and a pink bikini top that can't quite contain her full, perky boobs. She bends over and fingers her asshole before going face-down, ass-up on the bed and demonstrating how she works her chubby she-male cock for her own pleasure.
Scene two: Cristal is a classy yet big-assed she-male in black stockings and skirt with pale flesh who teases the camera with her sultry stare and a ruby-red half-smile. She's got a perfect figure offset by a plow-shaped cock from which she squeezes a sweet little orgasm before blowing a kiss to the camera.
Scene three: Shaira Rojas is a dark brown beauty in a pink-mesh bodysuit who jiggles her cheeks the Rio way as she slides around the room, pulling on her nipples and throwing shy, helpless "fuck-me" looks at the camera. She also has a long cock and a clean, winking asshole that pulses while she strokes the shaft, drawing forth a nice spurt of shemale-cum.
Scene four: Venus is a gorgeous redhead with blue eyes and pale skin and big, jutting breasts. She also owns hips and an ass that dominate the room, as she leans against the wall and sets them in motion. She points her pink-tipped cock at the camera and doesn't let go until you see the proof of her orgasm.
Scene five: Angela looks very porno in her silver, one-piece bathing suit and her aquamarine eye-shadow. The braces on her teeth give her a pleasing vulnerability, as she does her best to imitate the typical porn star tease poses. Even when she doesn't get it quite right... It's very sexy, and when this ultra-feminine young thing reveals her surprisingly long she-cock, you'll know you've come to the right place.
Scene six: Silvana is a firecracker! Gleaming white smile, tangled raven hair pulled back to tumble down her shoulders, and a wry, sexy smile as she pushes her big breasts together and works them under her white one-piece. When she gets naked, leans back and jerks off, you'll swear somebody grafted that long cock on the most beautiful girl you'll never meet, unless you're visiting Brazil soon! Watch her whole body quiver when she cums!
Scene seven: Salome starts out naked except for a barely-there pink fishnet body-suit that conveniently already has the ass and crotch ripped out. She wastes no time rotating her ass right in the camera, pulling open her cheeks to show a deep and inviting gape. Tanned and auburn-haired, Salome makes her dick dance while rubbing the firm ovals of her titties, and then crawls around on the floor before at last spewing her girl-seed.
Scene eight: Diosa Zazy is a kinky she-male, with black hair and a pink dog collar around her neck, the chain leading to pretty pink leather cuffs on her wrists. She hisses, sticks out her tongue, and falls to her white-booted knees, stroking her considerable meat while taunting the camera. She flirts, rubs her boobs, pulls open her gape and finally strokes her smooth prick until it burps all over her flat belly. Then she does a hot, submissive dance that sends her still-hard cock spinning in sexy circles.
Scene nine: Barbie is a tall girl with black hair and big sunglasses who darts around the room in her black fetish boots as the camera focuses on her angular yet full ass. She stays dressed for extra long, but when she starts to peel away her skimpy black garb she reveals a gape to die for and, right underneath the butterfly tattoo on her belly, a dark and sturdy little dick that her ringed fingers choke to a surprisingly large explosion of cum.








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