Facing the End! EBOOK Ready to Pray Now?

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  • 9781662905728
  • januari 2021
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Do you honestly feel like giving up? Do you feel like you don't have any courage or motivation to pray?
Have you given up on talking to a God that you felt has betrayed you?
Are you feeling empty on the inside, and void of any purpose or satisfaction? Are you so tired that you choke at the thought of prayer? Are you spiritually frustrated about praying and not getting an answer?
This book contains Holy Ghost-inspired insights and prayers that address real life issues which individuals and families need answers for today. As you read through and say the prayers, you will literally feel the strength of God rising up on your inside, and your life will never remain the same in the name of Jesus Christ!
You’ll see your circumstances change as you pray on these and many more:
● dysfunctional relationships and emotions ● marriage success ● walking in God’s will ● overcoming guilt from abortion ● ministers of God ● release of divine blessings on your children ● connecting with the power of the Holy Spirit ● the salvation of loved ones ● healing, and more.
As you say these prayers out loud, you will open a divine portal that will release revelation from God unlocking the supernatural, thus causing angels to be at your beck and call.
I welcome you to a winning world!

About the Author

With over a decade in the ministry of intercession for people all over the world, this very Pam’s collection of prayers provides a rescue to the dying who is really
lost for words. It also provides an insightful guide to help lead you into an honest conversation with God to pray more effectively regarding the issues affecting you, your loved ones, as well as, other problems you may face in life. Pam seeks to agree with God’s word about life challenges, thus gaining resounding victory through prayer. All through her years of intercessory ministry till date, Pam has experienced personal growth and has seen God move through signs, wonders, and miracles.
She is a member of the PrayLive Prayer Center, Baltimore Maryland and Jerusalem Prayer Team International. Her greatest desire is to glorify God. It is her wish to see millions of people live victoriously in their everyday life by having a heart to heart conversation with God knowing that He still hears and answers prayers today. Hallelujah!
Pamela Hartwell lives in Texas and is the author of “Facing the End! Ready to Pray Now?”

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januari 2021


Ready to Pray Now?
Gatekeeper Press

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