Facing the Ultimate Fear A New Future

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  • 9781724222084
  • augustus 2018
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There has never been a book quite like Facing the Ultimate Fear. For that reason alone, it has value. The book is a practical manual exploding with many ways to calm fears, create love in any situation, and rise above challenges which frighten us into thinking that we are trapped. These ways are integrated within a storyline. The book’s clear non-technical language (it reads like an entertaining novel) makes it appropriate for beginners. In addition, its wide range of wisdom as well as depth of content will appeal to readers who are interested in human potential, human behavior, and motivation. Kathleen Lowndes is an ordinary human being who is having an extraordinary chapter in her life. The book begins with her experiences while working as a day class teacher, from the standpoint of what she learns personally. Those lessons assist her on the next part of her life journey, a medical adventure of remarkable proportion. This event provides the framework for the major section of the book. It includes her detailed preparations for one of the most dangerous surgeries known, and how she relearns basic functions after her surgery (walk, talk, think). As the intense feelings of hope which kick-start her recovery fade, she finds herself just like everyone else who is facing an impossible task. With lots of help, she implements methods which catapult her healing to an astonishingly effective level, and on three occasions gets completely better overnight, only to find that it does not last. Is there a way to make getting better ‘stick?’ Obviously so; she wrote the book. Even though most readers initially assume that the ultimate fear is the fear of death, there was an even greater fear for the author. However, it was while working her way through the fear of death that she was able to identify and then use the ultimate fear to her recovery benefit. The final chapter brings together her unusual experiences with fear as she draws multi-disciplinary conclusions about fear in general, the ultimate fear in particular, and where hopeful thinking now stands on the issue of extraordinary recoveries of any kind. Many books of recent years shout out that remarkable recoveries are possible. This book continues in that tradition but is unique in that the necessary principles are applied in steps to an actual, documented life-death situation. And all of that, while you feel like you are right there looking over the author’s shoulder as she implements the principles which energize those steps. This book is a compelling read for those wanting to grab on to the edge of their seats. It is a comforting read for those plagued by mishaps and misunderstandings. It is an uplifting read for those wanting to make a difference. For those wishing to learn anything new, it is an empowering read. And for anyone seeking genuine self-confidence, it is an imperative read. Facing the Ultimate Fear shows how a medical adventure transforms into an inspirational adventure and the door to life is opened. A new future comes into view.



augustus 2018
Aantal pagina's
350 pagina's



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A New Future

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