Far Off Metal River EBOOK Tooltip Inuit Lands, Settler Stories, and the Making of the Contemporary Arctic

Auteur: Emilie Cameron
Taal: Engels
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Auteur: Emilie Cameron
Uitgever: Ubc Press
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9780774828871
  • juni 2015
  • Adobe ePub
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In 1771, Samuel Hearne, an employee of the Hudson's Bay Company, set off with a group of Dene guides in search of a "Far Off Metal River" in the Central Arctic, rumored to be rich in copper. Twenty-four years later, Hearne's account of his journey was published, along with a graphic description of the "Bloody Falls massacre," an alleged attack by his guides on a camp of sleeping Inuit.

In Far Off Metal River, author Emilie Cameron explores how Hearne's account of the massacre has shaped the ongoing colonization and economic exploitation of the North. As Cameron demonstrates, the Arctic has for centuries been treated like a blank page onto which a long line of explorers, missionaries, anthropologists, resource companies, and politicians have inscribed stories that serve their own interests. These stories have in turn played a central role in shaping the region, including efforts to open the North to industrial resource extraction. Consequently, Qablunaat (non-Inuit, non-Indigenous people) have a responsibility to question their relationships with the North and northerners, first by placing these stories within their proper historical, geographical, and social context and then by developing new understandings and new relationships that reflect the actual political, cultural, economic, environmental, and social landscapes of the contemporary Arctic.


Cameron's Far Off Metal River is a masterful and carefully written book that addresses pressing theoretical and methodological questions for postcolonial studies, nature-society relations, and Indigenous geographies ... It is a timely example of a non-Indigenous researcher centering the agency of Indigenous peoples in both research practice and writing ... [This book] is a particularly important resource for students who are learning to engage with Indigenous epistemologies, ontologies, and methodologies in both the field and in the classroom ... But it would be a mistake to read Far Off Metal River as valuable to researchers of Indigenous communities and histories alone ... it has much to teach us about research in general. -- Kelsey Johnson, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia * Society + Space * Stories- theirs and ours -have been staples in core curricula that incorporate the critical study of cultures deemed Non-Western. Anyone tasked with teaching such courses must read this book by Cameron, who emphasizes that stories are value-charged and multidimensional ... Highly recommended. -- J.S. Krysiek * Choice *

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23,5 x 16,5 x 2,5 cm
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub
Aanbevolen leeftijd
22 jaar


Emilie Cameron
Ubc Press

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Inuit Lands, Settler Stories, and the Making of the Contemporary Arctic
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