FBI Killer Escapes
  • Engels
  • Hardcover
  • 9781479767663
  • Druk: 1
  • maart 2013
  • 140 pagina's
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This is a fun but deadly story, about East Coast Irish Twins, who worked for J..Edgar Hoover. The protagonist, JAMES BLACKIE BUTLER, is from Boston and did his undergraduate work robbing banks, with a degree for ten years, three of which were served on the ROCK! Then back home, took over the Winter Hill Gang. An old buddy from school, who became an FBI Agent, told him the FBI was hiring TEIs. So they cut a deal that turned devastating for both! For starters, they needed his help to break the North Boston LCN Italian Mob. Before the Appalachian Meet, the Bureau said - No National Crime Syndicate, next day - JEH started the Top Hoodlum Program in all FBI Offices in USA. They had to take care not to knock off a Race Track, when the boss was in attendance, dont embarrass the Bureau. While they did not have a parade for BLACKIE, all soon learned he was back in town ! He worked overtime to become multi-millionaire Boston Drug Kingpin, whacking those who dared to get in his way. If you want whack job details, check out the press accounts under homicide. CAUTION - he is alleged to have whacked 19 PLUS - two were females he strangled to death! Not the guy you want your daughter to date. Some of the kills were aided by the law closing their eyes. A major casualty was the Boston Southie kids and young adults. They ODd, became vegetables, committed suicide, due to the quantities ingested of Meth, Coke, etc., as the dealers said - it was their choice! Unfortunately this scenario goes hand and hand with hard - tough law enforcement, and some agency in-fighting, in the race to scrape up the scum from the Southie streets, and its companion - corruption! Meanwhile, the press was on it regarding the homicides, real bodies and real coroner reports. BUT, no specific in depth reporting on the drug scourge. Without it, we focus on homicides, easier to cover with those grotesque images as they are ripped from the earth that they hugged for years. Then the mob burial detail told the cops where they were as a trade for immunity! Not to say that some in-depth work on the drug scourge is easy, BUT the more we do not dig into it, the more we guarantee it will continue! Yes, it is the USA drug appetite that fuels the Mexican production and distribution. Mexico has had thousands of street executions in last 15 years; all USA families have, or know those who have young loved ones, who got hooked and we attended their funerals! The Congress and the Administration needs to get off their collective asses and address the problem. The drug war losses cap the numbers we lost since the BIG WAR plus! For the DC crowd, they would rather focus on cocktail parties funded by the numerous lobbyists that choke the traffic on K St, NW, employ aides that write 1,000 page bills that no one reads before voting, none of them took the time from there career to serve the country in the military (just like their elected pols they work for), as they beef up the resume so we soon see them on the Sunday Morning Talkies. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? MARK - THERE ,I SAID IT! The nemesis, is TOMMY TIERNAN, from Newark, NJ, from a blue collar upbringing, other side of the tracks, first of five siblings, first of parents, siblings and relatives to do college, no green stamps, just guts and determination!. As oldest of five boys, thanks to the Pope, started with fish on Fridays, as got older substituted it with Pizza. Dad an Irish Fire Captain, Mom a German grade school teacher and nurse. Grandfather an immigrant from Germany, a stone carver who did the Lions on the N.Y. Public Library. The five brothers lived in the Ironbound Section of down neck Newark, N.J. After the BIG WAR, they were joined by Moms brother who lived through the Pacific War, finishing up with the invasion of Okinawa, where he survived constant Jap kamikaze attacks. All shared the same sleeping bedroom and pretty mu



maart 2013
22,9 x 15,9 x 1,9 cm
Aantal pagina's
140 pagina's


Tommy Tiernan
Xlibris Corporation



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