First-Class Passenger - Life At Sea Life at Sea

First-Class Passenger - Life At Sea
Auteur: August Mencken
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  • 9781406705621
  • maart 2007
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CONTENTS LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS time 1869 Dancing on the Deck 44 1 880 The Grand Dining Saloon 44 1880 The Quarter-deck 58 1880 The Main Deck 58 1 875 Mail Steamer of the Anchor Line 62 1858 The Bremen 68 1 869 The First Morning at Sea i oo 1869 The Start 100 1864 The Cuba of the Cunard Line 118 1 872 The A dnatic of the White Star Line 1 2 2 1859 The Great Eastern 128 1859 Family Saloon Cabin on the Great Eastern 132 1860 Cabin of a Sailing Ship 132 1859 The Grand Saloon of the Great East ern 134 1859 Deck of the Great Eastern 138 1850 The Atlantic 148 1869 Main Saloon of the Hamburg-Ameri can Line Steamer Silesia 160 1857 An Afternoon in the Tropics 160 i 853 The American Steamship The Golden Age 164 1849 The Sailing Ship Deutschland of the Hamburg-American Line 174 1842 Charles Dickenss Stateroom in the Britannia 194 1848 Ladies Lounge in the Hamburg-American Sailing Ship Deutschland 194 1 842 An Early Steamer 198 1 847 The American Steamship Washington 208 1842 The Queen East Indiaman 260 INTRODUCTION The usual books of travel by sea deal with the experience of sailors or of persons seeking high adventure. Storms, shipwrecks and the other perils and hazards of the deep are recounted at length, and much is often included that is intelli gible to no one save professional sailors. In the selection of material for the present volume only the narratives of ordinary passengers, traveling in the best ships available at the time and place, have been included. They are arranged in the inverse order of their dates, with the most modern first. All detailed descriptions of storms and other such commonplaces have been omitted, and an effort has been made to show what everyday life at sea wasbefore the days of the luxury liner. To the average landsman a great ship and its navigation are impenetrable mysteries and he makes little ef fort to investigate them. His interest is mainly in other things, and more particularly in those that affect directly his creature comforts, or furnish him amusement on the long, and usually quiet and lazy days of travel. A number of the narratives that follow are of travel on the North Atlantic during the Nine teenth Century. It was during this time that the greatest changes were made in passenger travel, ix X INTRODUCTION and most of them were first seen on the Atlantic. Going back from the Nineteenth Century, the ac counts written by actual passengers become in creasingly rare, and nothing written before the Fifteenth Century has been found that could be called the narrative of a bona fide first-class passen ger. But a number of amusing accounts of other travelers have been unearthed and two of them have been thrown in for good measure. One is Felix Fabris story of his voyage to the Holy Land and the other is the story of Jonah from the Old Testament. Fabri was a pilgrim and did not travel first class, but he traveled in a first-class ship, and his account of life aboard is an accurate de scription of what a passenger of his day ordi narily experienced. In the story of Jonah is the first reference in the literature of the world to a passenger who actually paid his fare. Most of the older narratives are very meager, and about all that can be gathered from them is that life on the earliest ships was very much the same as life on a ship of the Fifteenth Century. When man first built and ventured out in boats is not known. No doubt it was at avery remote date, for primitive Homo sapiens lived on the banks of rivers and on the shores of lakes and seas and thus probably learned in many cases to build boats before he learned to build houses. His first INTRODUCTION xi craft, fashioned of the materials at hand, were crude, but as he learned from experience he used his new knowledge in their construction, and often they showed greater skill and ingenuity than any thing he made on shore...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
396 pagina's
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August Mencken
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