Flight of the Ulysses

Flight of the Ulysses
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781484822036
  • mei 2013
  • 300 pagina's
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'"Don't think about it, you'll wake up soon," she whispered to herself and took a step forward, and then another. She closed her eyes and followed Solitaire into the light..'The 'Odysseus System' is what the Gods call our Universe. It is controlled by God Odysseus and Overlords that watch over the inhabital planets. There are ten such planets in our Universe, and this is the story of Satiren.....Llicia grew up on the planet Balon, and she knew from a young age that she did not fit it. She was taller than most people on Balon, very pale, with white hair and piercing, ice blue eyes. She was difficult and refused to form attachments with anyone, except her strange, very large white cat named Solitaire. He was with her when she was first found in the snow as a toddler. Now at seventeen, she has been told about Satiren, her home planet and has been given a quest that only she can carry out. She must find the ancient Ulysses and save Satiren and its people from destruction by the Overlords. She reluctantly follows Solitaire into the porthole tunnels that will take her to her world, but an unexpected encounter throws her of course, and she arrives alone in a strange and hostile part of Satiren, injured and lost.Ferloe is the young Mavaho Chief, who lives with his people on the Silversands desert on Satiren. He defeated his evil father, Black Eagle, to take control of their tribe. He and his sister Aiyana have been tasked with meeting and helping Llicia on her quest. When she does not arrive they realise something has gone wrong, and set about trying to find her. So they enlist the help of a small, hilarious, but powerful wizard named WigholtWith enemies around every corner, and aid from strange magical sources, Llicia learns of her past and who her parents were. She battles her way to the mountains to find her brother, King Arlen of the Crystalites. But will King Arlen be pleased to see his long lost sister?Will Ferloe get their in time to save her and Satiren? And what will Llicia make of the dark, Mavaho Chief, her people and her evil brother? As things gets more complicated, the clock is ticking and they must find the Ulysses before it's too late.This is a fast paced, fantasy adventure that introduces its readers to 'The Odysseus System Chronicles' full of exciting characters and a whole universe of adventures waiting to be told.



mei 2013
Aantal pagina's
300 pagina's



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