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  • 9781465865380
  • maart 2012
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Sarah Ilene Colin isn't popular. But she isn't unpopular, either. She's just... ordinary. Ordinary friends, ordinary dates, ordinary life... unnoticeable... and she wishes desperately that she wasn't.

That is, until one night, when she is very noticed... by a beautiful figure who's followed her home from school and is standing in the dark, outside her house. Ana is breath-taking and cool. Awesome clothes and makeup, dope playlists, thin, confident: everything Sarah wishes she could be. But why is she here? Following her? Stalking her? Wanting her for a new girlfriend... or maybe for something more.

From the first sight of Ana, Sarah envied her. From their first words together, Sarah admired her. And from their first touch, Sarah wanted her... and, yes, for much more than a girlfriend.

Rivky Strassberg, the 14 year old author of ''Forever, your... Ana'', leads Sarah down a dangerous path, perilously close to a black abyss from which there is no return. Ms. Strassberg has traveled that path herself and her picture of Sarah is terrifying in its clarity. A young girl, on the very edge of the precipice, staring down into oblivion as the ragged edges of her life break off, crumble to dust and fall away forever.

Will this new girl save Sarah... or push her over the edge? The ending will leave you speechless --- both for Sarah, who discovers finding the strength to survive all alone means she is anything but ordinary; and for the talented author who penned her, who shares a raw imagination --- rich with emotions bred of personal experience --- and proving quite clearly: ''It aint age baby... it's mileage. It's all mileage.''

Forever, your...Ana

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Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Rivky Strassberg
Smashwords Edition

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