Fundamentals of Semiconductors Physics and Materials Properties

Fundamentals of Semiconductors
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  • Druk: Softcover reprint of the original 4th ed. 2010
  • augustus 2016
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Since the appearance of our book, Fundamentals of Semiconductors: Physics and Materials Properties, one of the questions we are asked most frequently is this: is there a solution manual to this book? In preparing the questions at the end of each chapter we have already tried to guide the readers to derive the answers by themselves using a step-by-step approach. Clearly this strategy did not work for everyone. We recognize that many of the questions in this book are quite challenging and often require reading of research papers to solve them. In response to readers demand we have - cided to provide solutions to some of the problems in this new edition. Since working through problems is an important and necessary part of the learning process in physics we will not give the solutions to all the problems. Instead, we hope to use the solutions to a number of selected problems in each ch- ter as an additional study help to the readers. We like to use these solutions to provide more in depth discussions to topics which may be too specialized for a typical course on semiconductor physics. By leaving enough unsolved problems and adding a few new ones there are still plenty of opportunities for both the instructors to choose problems for assignments and for students to test their understanding of the text."


From the reviews: The most striking feature of the book is its modern outlook ... provides a wonderful foundation. The most wonderful feature is its efficient style of exposition ... an excellent book. Physics Today This book, aimed at postgraduates not undergraduates, exemplifies both the difficulty of the subject and its variety. It presents the theoretical derivations carefully and in detail and gives thorough discussions of the experimental results it presents. This makes it an excellent textbook both for learners and for more experienced researchers wishing to check facts. I have enjoyed reading it and strongly recommend it as a text for anyone working with semiconductors ... I know of no better text ... I am sure most semiconductor physicists will find this book useful and I recommend it to them. Contemporary Physics From the reviews of the fourth edition: Fundamentals of Semiconductors by Yu and Cardona, here at the fourth edition, is a book aimed at postgraduate ... students. ... provides the students with a solid and up-to-date background of the physical properties of semiconductors. ... Yu and Cardona present in their book a concise, personal and yet satisfactory list of topics. ... presentations are particularly inspiring and enlightening, giving a direct insight into the motivations and into paths which led researchers to fundamental advances in semiconductor physics. (S. Sanguinetti, Il Nuovo Saggiatore, Vol. 27 (5-6), 2011) It provides first-time users, especially the graduate students at whom the text is primarily aimed, with a sense of the dynamism of the subject. Overall, this book remains the best graduate-level text on semiconductor physics that I know, and I recommend it very strongly. (A. M. Fox, Contemporary Physics, February, 2012)



Softcover reprint of the original 4th ed. 2010
augustus 2016
Aantal pagina's
778 pagina's


Peter Yu Manuel Cardona
Manuel Cardona
Mairdumont Gmbh & Co. Kg



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Physics and Materials Properties
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