Galileo - His Life And Work His Life and Work

Galileo - His Life And Work
Auteur: J. J. Fahie
Uitgever: Read Books
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  • 9781406707489
  • Druk: Annotated edition
  • maart 2007
  • 504 pagina's
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GAL 1 L HIS LIFE AND WORK BY J. J. FAHIE MEMBER OF THE INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS, LONDON, AND OF THE SOCIETE INTERNATIONALE DES LECTRICIENS, PARIS AUTHOR OF A HISTORY OF ELECTRIC TELEGRAPHY TO THE YEAR I 37 A HISTORY OF WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY, ETC. WITH PORTRAITS AND ILLUSTRATIONS LONDON JOHN MURRAY, ALBEMARLE STREET, RERRINT LIBRARY Sempre il novo che grande appar menzogna . . . al volgar debile ingegno Ma imperturbato il regno De saggi dietro allutile sostina. Minaccia n vergogna No 1 frena, no 1 rimove Prove accumula a prove Del popolare error 1 idol rovina, E la salute ai posteri destina. PARINI LInnesto del Vaiuolo. Anything new, which is great, appears false to the ordinary weak mind, but the rule of the wise obstinately continues its way unmoved. Neither threats nor shame checks or changes its course experiment follows experiment the idol of popular error is throAvn down, and health to posterity is ensured. DEDICATED TO ANTONIO FAVARO PROFESSOR IN THE ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF PADUA, AND DIRECTOR OF THE NATIONAL EDITION OF GALILEOS WORKS, UNDER THE AUSPICES OF HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF ITALY IN ADMIRATION OF THE RESULTS OF HIS 25 YEARS 7 ALMOST EXCLUSIVE DEVOTION TO GALILEAN LITERATURE AND AS A SLIGHT ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF THE HELP HE HAS GIVEN ME IN THE PREPARATION OF THIS VOLUME BY HIS OBLIGED FRIEND THE AUTHOR PREFACE THE history of the life and labours of Galileo is pregnant with a peculiar interest to the general reader as well as to the man of science and the philosopher His brilliant discoveries the man of science regards as his peculiar property the means by which they were made and the development of his intellectual character belong to the logician and the philosopher butthe triumphs and reverses of his eventful life must be claimed for our common nature, as subjects of deep interest and serious meditation. So wrote Sir David Brewster in the opening paragraph of his biography of Galileo Martyrs of Science, London, 1841. It is the object of the present volume to give a fuller presentation, under this three-fold aspect, of the life which Sir David has only outlined. In recent years materials for such a work have been brought together which were not accessible x PREFACE when Brewster wrote. Imperfect collections of Galileos writings were published in Bologna 1656, in Florence 1718, in Padua 1744, and in Milan in 1 808-1 1 and 1832 but the first edition of anything approaching a complete character is that of Albri in sixteen volumes, which was begun in 1842 and completed in 1856. That even this collection is defective in many important particulars is shown by the fact that another edition was begun in 1890, under the auspices of the King of Italy, and under the direction of Professor Antonio Favaro of the Royal University of Padua. Of this monumental work, twelve out of twenty large volumes have appeared. They contain all Galileos works, the works of adversaries annotated by him, and his correspondence down to the year 1619, and supply an inexhaustible mine for the student of science. In exploring this for nuggets I have had the in estimable assistance of Professor Favaro, who has given me many valuable hints, and has generously placed at my disposal all his Galilean studies and researches for the last twenty-five years. Thus I am enabled to give a fuller and more comprehensive history of the life and work of Galileo than has hitherto been attempted, or, indeed, been possible. Thanks mainly to Professor Favaro and his multi PREFACE xi tudinous writings, my book contains much new matter, and, what is more important, it avoids most, if not all, of the numerous errors and fables which previous biographers have little by little woven into the life of Galileo. For the benefit of students who may wish to explore for themselves and I promise them rich harvests, I have given at the end of this volume a short history of Galileos writings, followed by a list of works which I have consulted, and which may be found useful...



Annotated edition
maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
504 pagina's
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J. J. Fahie
Read Books



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