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  • 9781742841595
  • oktober 2013
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When we are born unto this world we don't know what our future is; it's like cloud you don't know what is behind it, it's an unknown future. I soon found that out at the early age of 17 years old where my hopes and dreams were cut short through a car accident which left me a quadriplegic. Being a strong female, as I am, I wouldn't let my disability or people rule my life which was a hard task? The bar for me was set rather high. I had to exceed expectations and refuse to live down to them. What God had given me was more than his fair share of challenges as I have found out through the years to follow. My bad luck was so frequent I still keep a diary today so anybody who was feeling sorry for themselves were left to answer to me. Ahh you better run you little shit before my diary which was shoved in their faces to read, imagine when they read my book. I was left answering to Government organizations who tried to rule my life which was a mistake as it made me a stronger person after all I am a female which resulted in writing my autobiography; "Gay's plan of attack'. This book is filled with my true life experiences and there have been so many I shocked myself. The sad, happy, exciting, unbelievable and shocking events I went through and still am today but still come out fighting ready to take on my next challenge. I added twists just for your entertainment and wow you will be shocked at some of them and how I keep going. I went through a period in -my life when people kept telling me how "strong' I was.. You're such a strong woman! It got annoying. I just didn't understand why this wasn't the assumption to begin with. A strategic woman, a powerful woman, is a brilliantly disruptive woman. She's dangerous. I admire women who are dangerous. The major reason I tend to roll my eyes when we talk about me being a "strong" women is because ironically the whole conversation starts from a place that's insulting (despite the best intentions). It assumes that "I am not strong, how could I be when I first had my accident? In pop culture, this is the kind of "strength' defined in masculine terms. It creates characters that aren't real women so much as stereotypes and fantasy figures Fantasies don't exist. Since they don't exist, they can't actually threaten the status quo I demonstrate with mad wheelchair driving skills, I am smart and gutsy and competent because I'm not doing any of that stupid wussy idiotic female stuff, you don't see me driving the plot, forging my destiny or playing my own game, no time for bloody games. I have always been strong, birthed babies and endured oppression and fought for the rights of others and waited for husbands and managed households, worked in factories and kept my family together, survived domestic violence, sexual violence and started a businesses and reinvented myself and: I saw work that needed to be done and did it, and continue to do it. What we really want to see more of it in ourselves, strength is an achievement and boldness, ambition and power.

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