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  • 9781351629102
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  • september 2017
  • Adobe ePub
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Organized into a two-part structure aimed at readers of differing experience levels, Geometry of Crystals, Polycrystals, and Phase Transformations is accessible to both newcomers and advanced researchers within the field of crystallography. The first part of the text covers what any reader in the material sciences, physics, chemistry, earth sciences and natural sciences in general should know about crystallography. It is intentionally concise and covers sufficient material to form a firm foundation. The second part is aimed at researchers and discusses phase transformations, deformations, and interface crystallography in depth. The phase transformations are limited to those dominated by crystallography. The entire book contains worked examples and uniquely deals not just with crystals but aggregates of crystals and solid-state transformations between crystals.


This book provides a refreshingly clear and understandable treatment of topics that are too often presented in a dry and esoteric way. The illustrations are impressive and support the text in a highly appropriate manner. The writing style conveys the enthusiasm of the author for the topics covered and invites the reader to share his lively interest in them. -Druce Dunne, University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia A well-organized and very comprehensive book, which covers the most important topics in crystallography. Not only introductory topics, but also in-depth subjects which are relevant to the discipline of materials science and engineering. This book will be a great help to students, researchers and other professionals who would like to obtain essential concepts in crystallography and their applications. -Dong-Woo Suh, Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea I think this is an excellent book because it provides the essential crystallographic knowledge needed for the student/professional or researcher in Materials Science. Numerous worked examples are useful not only for classes, but especially for those who need to study this topic on their own. The division of the book in two parts is helpful as it allows the first part to be used in introductory undergraduate courses, whereas the second part can be taught in advanced undergraduate or graduate courses. The book is not very long, which is a great advantage these days. -Paulo Rangel Rios, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil This book provides an excellent description of the essential concepts of crystallography and their relevance to material science. The style combines brevity with good technical depth while maintaining the reader's interest through the use of both relevant and interesting examples of the influence of crystallography on material behavior. -J.W.Brooks, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom Provides a concise review of methodologies used for the application of crystallographic principles for research on phase transformations. -Sudarsanam Suresh Babu, Tennessee, USA In its first half, this book discloses chapter by chapter the world of crystallography and its role during deformation and phase transformation. Starting from the basic concepts, the reader is guided through the further chapters step-by-step into more complex properties and applications of crystallography. Halfway through this book, the reader can feel comfortable with the obtained knowledge, while in the second half of this book he is given the possibility to get acquainted with more specialized items related to crystallography. The drawings and the separate described examples in every chapter are excellent, assisting in understanding the described theories. This is a typical Bhadeshia book: highly instructive and educational to learn complex basics of materials science in an entertaining way. -Jan Van Humbeeck, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium The book deals with crystallographic aspects of deformation and texture, interfaces, orientation relationships in polycrystals, homogeneous deformation, invariant-plane strain and martensitic transformations in metals. As such, it is an excellent overview of the subject - as you would expect from a book by H. Bhadeshia - with particular focus on his own seminal work in that field.... an excellent way of getting yourself into this very complex, sometimes difficult to access subject. -Prof. Dr. Georg Roth, Progress of Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials

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september 2017
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


Harshad K. D. H. Bhadeshia
Crc Press

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