Ghostly Urges 5 EBOOK Tooltip Hayley Spectre, #5

Auteur: Natalee Vance
Taal: Engels
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Auteur: Natalee Vance
Uitgever: Natalee Vance
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781386955184
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Ghostly Urges 5

Hayley Spectre (Book 5 of 5)

''There are forces at work here, the likes of which we are never going to fully understand. And I do not accept that outcome. I toiled in the void, struggling to maintain sanity, dying countless deaths in a merciless inferno, day in and day out. I've served my time. No longer will I be cursed. I am the one who does the cursing now, and all living beings will taste my wrath, one way or another,'' Fhalos cackles, a hideous air of menace in his frail yet invincible figure.

''So to answer your question, Nicholas… it is never enough for me. Not now. My thirst for vengeance will not be satiated, until every living creature is cowering in fear beneath my feet.''


''We cling to each other, hands running non-stop passionately across each other's bodies. My fingers sashay along his carved chest as I pull his shirt over his head.''

''He moves his mouth over my neck, covering me in deep deliberate pecks, every so often stopping to bite and suck at my flesh, causing my hair to stand on end. He works my pants free and throws them into the essence. They hang motionless, no gravitational rules to yank them from the air.''


Hayley & Nick are truly in the thick of it now, as they return to Earth in search of the mysterious villain who banished them to a cursed fate in the Damned Void. They find the world of the living in ruin, and it is clear they've been gone a lot longer than they thought!

They must investigate their old home, avoiding destruction, bottomless pits, and the violent locals along the way. Where is Fhalos? How much damage has he caused? Is it too late to stop him?

Hayley and her ghostly beau must team up for one final encounter with the ultimate evil menace, to secure the future of Earth and mankind at large. Will they make it out alive?

Natalee Vance presents Ghostly Urges 5, the conclusion to the Hayley Spectre short story series. Filled with suspense and darkness and splattered with white-hot sensual fun, this paranormal erotic tale is sure to satisfy fans!

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Natalee Vance
Natalee Vance

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Hayley Spectre, #5
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