Globalisation, Multilateralism, Europe EBOOK Tooltip Towards a Better Global Governance?

Taal: Engels
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Uitgever: Routledge
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781317127147
  • Druk: 1
  • april 2016
  • Adobe ePub
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This student-friendly textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to globalization studies and the European Union within a multipolar world. It provides its readers with critical analysis of the key concepts of multilateral global and regional governance and Europe's role in the world; and this in an accessible and intelligible fashion. This volume collects contributions by eminent scholars from world class universities from five different continents. As such, this unique exercise in transnational multi-disciplinary cooperation, provides extensive coverage of the main issues pertaining to multilateral cooperation - notably its history, troubles, legitimacy challenges and efficiency questions - from a variety of national perspectives. The book covers the major issues confronting students of European and global studies, amongst which: pressing security challenges, new forms of institutionalized cooperation, shifting international trade flows, the notion of responsibility to protect, social imbalances and environmental emergencies, the need for less contingent forms of legitimacy for global regulation, as well as global public opinion and transnational civil society networks. Each chapter includes a summary of its salient points; methodological indications; illuminating illustrations; and a suggested list for further reading. This textbook strives to help students develop a better and more secure grasp of the innovative balance between interdisciplinary openness and disciplinary rigor when engaging with global governance studies, comparative regionalism, normative studies, international political economy or international law.


'This may be the most multi-dimensional textbook in international politics ever published. Its multiple authors are multi-cultural and even multi-continental; its approach is multi-disciplinary and multi-layered; its topics are multi-lateralism and multi-polarism; its units of analysis are multi-regional and multi-functional; its observations are multi-faceted and multi-cautious. If this were not enough, they are all brought to bear on the multi-ambiguous process of globalization! Nevertheless, it does manage to present a coherent and challenging message to the advanced student of political science - whether he or she is interested in the national, regional of global level of aggregation. This owes a great deal to the exceptional quality of its contributors and the innovative program that brought them together.' Philippe C. Schmitter, European University Institute, Italy. 'Mario Telo and his contributors have done a superb job of conceptualizing, analysing and synthesizing the whole complex called globalization studies. Using the European Union as a multipolar and multilevel entity which the tide of globalization permeates relentlessly, they present a much-needed user-friendly textbook.' - Takashi Inoguchi, University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

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april 2016
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Adobe ePub


Professor Mario Telo

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Towards a Better Global Governance?

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