Go Make Disciples EBOOK Tooltip Embrace Jesus' Last Words As Your Main Calling

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  • januari 2017
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Jesus commissioned His people to Go Make Disciples. His words formed the mission statement for the Church – it's our main priority, our primary calling. So why do we struggle so much to do it? Why do we excel in many areas of ministry, yet not what is central?

There are many reasons for this challenge, but perhaps the greatest is the tendency of the Church to separate community and discipleship – albeit often for legitimate reasons. Discipleship community is messy because people are messy; it was certainly the case with Jesus' disciples and the Early Church.

Despite these challenges the first Christians pressed on to embrace their calling, leading to an incredible transformation that is still changing the world. But in recent years, the church has tended to create alternatives in order to make our calling more efficient by reducing discipleship to a class or an individualized process. The only problem is that it's lost its power.

This book calls you to rediscover the impact of authentic discipleship community. It equips you to lead small groups that provide both relationship and discipleship. Whether or not you ever lead a small group, this resource trains you in a simple discipleship process that anyone can facilitate. Discipleship is not complicated, but it will take commitment – and it will bear lasting fruit. Best of all, you can do it!

About the Author:

Upon graduation from Baylor University in 2005, Drew Steadman began his full-time ministry serving in a variety of roles at Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas. With over 13 years on Antioch's staff, he currently serves as Director of Ministries and Director of US Church Planting for Antioch. He is passionate about discipleship and loves mobilizing people to reach their city, our nation and the nations of the earth … all through the local church. Drew and his wife, Bethany, are glad to call Waco, Texas home with their four children.



januari 2017
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Adobe ePub


Drew Steadman
Clear Day Publishing

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Embrace Jesus' Last Words As Your Main Calling

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