Gods of Religions

Gods of Religions
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781512232363
  • Druk: 1
  • augustus 2015
  • 270 pagina's
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EXPAND THE SEARCH BEYOND THE BIBLE The mystery of life and death and the thereafter has remained a mystery for centuries. Efforts to discover the answer to this mystery has been stalled due to the insistence of religions of this world that humanity must continue to believe based on faith alone. This approach has been going on for centuries and as a result people keep reading the same over read chapters in the same over read books that continue to direct their focus and attention to theories created by ancient writings that don't provide an adequate answer to the mystery of life after death.. As a result the search for an answer continues to go, around and around, like a hamster in a cage with no results. No one has ventured beyond this point until now. The Gods of Religions reaches out beyond this point into the supernatural world to provide an explanation of God, his angels and the true relationship between the supernatural world and humanity. Because of the controversial subject matter of this book, it is very difficult to present this information in a realistic and rational way. The content of this book falls beyond the limits of human understanding, somewhere within the twilight zone of human beliefs and the supernatural or spiritual world of God. The entire concept of having unification of a body with a soul as described in the Bible is bizarre and should be beyond human comprehension. Despite this, humanity somehow has come up with this concept and a majority of people believe it to be fact. A large number of people believe in an ultimate creator, based on faith alone and historic religious documents such as the Bible. This belief remains embedded in the human mind and without additional evidence, the mystery of life after death remains a mystery. Now, for the first time in history, photographic evidence has surfaced that could provide proof of the existence of what appears to be supernatural or spiritual beings, possibly those mentioned in the Bible as angels. These images on film could clarify and explain the relationship between humanity and the magnificent world of God. It is still very difficult to present this evidence to you because it doesn't seem logical or even possible that it even exists. The images on film provide visual evidence that we are definitely not alone on this earth. I will do my best to present real evidence that supernatural life forms exist, and more likely than not, are a major influence on human behavior.



augustus 2015
Aantal pagina's
270 pagina's



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