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Got a minute?


a compass for managers

Got a minute?
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Auteur: Toon van Mierlo

  • Engelstalig
  • 262 pagina's
  • 9789081821360
  • december 2012
  • EPUB met digital watermerk
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Why this 'masterly book’? (Management Book Review)
Managers often have to many plates spinning, they experience that management becomes more and more complex, they resort to even more theories, attend more training and still have a hard time with the practical application of all this. Results, personal satisfaction and balance are often under pressure. This book provides ‘handles’ to shape management in a different, more happy or better way.

What does the book do for you?
With 8 essential distinctive Management and Leadership solutions, ‘Got a minute’ settles the myth that management is complex and that you need dozens of books and models. Management is simple but certainly is not easy in its application. This unique book is your business buddy who travels with you, who is always at your fingertips, who inspires and energizes you.

How does this book supports you? ‘Got a Minute? is a question that managers often ask others. The book asks this question to you: ‘Got a Minute ...... manager?’ For yourself! ‘Got a Minute?’ to get an answer to the question ‘How do I achieve my results with more ease, joy and certainty?’.

"Got a Minute?" to discover how ....:

1. To recognize, enlarge and maintain leadership over yourself;
2. To steer your behaviour so the positive effect on others increases;
3. To communicate better, in all respects; (of in every way…)
4. To measure and increase the performance of your individual team members;
5. To renew the composition of your team until it is a top team;
6. To let your people in this great team work together towards a top performance;
7. To deliver a perfectly executed change process;
8. To have more time, more balance and more happiness in your life.

Management: Simple but not easy! Therefore, the book is written in a practical way and additional English documents (audits, tests, etc) from the website /eng will help you to convert Knowing into Doing! The book is also available in Dutch (‘Heb je even?’) and as an E-book, making it even easier traveling with you and consulting it on a daily basis.

Both authors are an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer. Many managers have had a lot of fun and success with improving their results by joining the management course developed by the authors, "The New Leader" (

Not only will you find the experiences of these senior managers back in this book, the authors also interrelated the insights of many management theories , combined them with new insights and distilled the most important ‘to do's’ from it.


Toon van Mierlo Reinwout Schram
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EPUB met digital watermerk
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december 2012

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