Granddad Looks at Enlightenment

Auteur: Robert C Wittig
Taal: Engels
Granddad Looks at Enlightenment
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781475297911
  • februari 2013
  • 248 pagina's
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WHICH EXISTS, THIS REALITY OR GOD?Maybe life's an illusion created in a nightmare by the Child of God who should have known better.This is the spiritual memoir of a “man next door” wondering what he’s looking at after spending 50 years in an active spiritual exploration beginning in a Roman Catholic seminary in 1960 and presently sitting outside the boundaries of any specific sect and/or creed and after having learned that certainty is both impossible and counterproductive.He is intrigued by the possibility that God exists and “we” do not, partially because of the “surface” inanity of such a position. Everyone has strange incidents in their lives and he has used a collection of such to explore, dispassionately, this quizzical conclusion.Praise for GRANDDAD…This is incredibly thought provoking. I like how you view life/reality as a dream, and your story telling narrative to bring us to that conclusion. [Sana]…just loved it, truly did. You write from the heart that is obvious, but you write so it touches my heart ... when I say heart I do not refer to airy fairy I refer to honesty … CONGRATS on a well crafted read that opens up so many questions in me and answers many also [Denise]What can I say? Utterly absorbing; if god is perfect then imperfection cannot exist; a dualistic world, good and evil, up and down. Hell cannot exist if god is a perfect creator. Guilt, where does it come from? Why? A device to tie us; keep us away from god? 'Real' world? Dream life; delusion or illusion. Your way of thinking [is] completely new to me. I don’t think that deeply about anything! Singularity reminds me of Teillhard de Chardin; everything moves towards perfection you deserve your backing for sheer mental stimulation. [Micheal] [Authonomy writers: reviews]



februari 2013
Aantal pagina's
248 pagina's



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