Great is Peace A Modern Commentary on Talmud Bavli Tractate Derek Eretz Zuta

Great is Peace


Best-selling author RABBI ARTHUR SEGAL provides the first modern commentary ever written on the Babylonian Talmud's Tractate Derek Eretz Zuta, contextualizing archaic references and bringing its timeless wisdom to life in accessible, contemporary language.

Our sages revealed the path for living at peace with others and taught how to:

-cultivate mindfulness

-stay centered in times of stress

-let go of negativity

-increase self-esteem

-bring out the best in others

-maintain harmony in relationships

-deal with difficult people

-live in serenity, knowing that above all else, ''Great is Peace.''

Two of the many important maxims in Derek Eretz Zuta:

''If others speak evil of you let the greatest thing seem unimportant in your eyes; but if you have spoken evil of others, let the least word seem important.''

''If you have done much good let it seem little in your eyes, and say: 'Not on my own have I done this, but through the good which has come to me through others'; but let a small kindness done to you appear great.''

Chapter Ten, known as “the Chapter on Peace,” was considered to be so important by our rabbis that they wanted to make it a tractate of Talmud by itself. One of God’s holy names is Shalom. Derek Eretz Zuta teaches us to ''love peace and pursue peace.”

“People are hungry for civility. More than ever this is a time for civility. Love is the key to many of our problems. I will not let anyone occupy my heart with hate. It is not what someone calls you, but what you answer to.” – Donna Brazile, Vice-Chairwoman, Democratic National Committee.

At once a history lesson and guide to interpersonal ethics, Great is Peace is an eye-opening, life-affirming resource for anyone who asks “What does Judaism have to offer in the 21st century?” Our great sages understood what many today have forgotten – that each of us can heal and repair the world - one person, one interaction at a time. Each of us can be a vessel of our prayers and hopes for shalom, peace. Each of us can live happy, joyous and free, even when the world seems to be an upside-down place.

Here is what others are saying about Great is Peace:

''Rabbi Arthur Segal has taken a little known Talmudic Tractate on a very important subject: treating our fellow man correctly. He has dissected it with his erudite ability to help us understand how the sages of the past intended us to behave toward one another. Rabbi Segal is a outstanding teacher of Talmud-Torah and his insight into this subject is greatly appreciated. I continue to look forward to reading more of his writings and highly recommend this book to you.''

—Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill

''Rabbi Arthur Segal’s Commentary on Derek Eretz Zuta is an extraordinary collection of Jewish teachings and observations on ways to refine ourselves towards greater holiness and healthiness. Leading us to align ourselves with quality character attributes through personal development (Mussar), this text is a valuable source for study. It is a gift for those who aspire to mitzvah-centered living, rather than self-centered living, not by being self-less, rather by cultivating self as a vessel for the light of Torah.''

—Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Executive Vice-President,

Along with Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal's other 4 best-selling titles, Great is Peace is text worth studying and cherishing. It deserves a place in your library of meaningful books.
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A Modern Commentary on Talmud Bavli Tractate Derek Eretz Zuta

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