Handbook of Forgiveness
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  • november 2019
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The Handbook of Forgiveness, 2nd edition consolidates research from a wide range of disciplines and offers an in-depth review of the science of forgiveness. This new edition considers forgiveness in a diverse range of contexts and presents a research agenda for future directions in the field. Chapters approach forgiveness from a variety of perspectives, drawing on related work in areas including biology, personality, social psychology, clinical/counseling psychology, developmental psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience, as well as considering international and political implications. The Handbook provides comprehensive treatment of the topic, integrating theoretical considerations, methodological discussions, and practical intervention strategies that will appeal to researchers, clinicians, and practitioners. Reflecting the increased precision with which forgiveness has been understood, theorized, and assessed during the last 14 years of research, this updated edition of the Handbook of Forgiveness remains the authoritative resource on the field of forgiveness.


Forgiveness is often essential to human intimacy and societal functioning. In this second edition of the Handbook of Forgiveness, Worthington and Wade have compiled a masterly and magnificent coverage of the topic. Researchers from diverse perspectives and backgrounds contribute their insights as to how forgiveness works, why it produces benefits, how it sometimes fails-and even what its risks and downsides are. Cross-cultural perspectives, clinical interventions and applications, collective forgiveness, anger and forgiveness between God and human individuals, child development, and other topics will fascinate, inform, and inspire the reader. This marvelous volume will be an indispensable resource for researchers and clinicians who work with forgiveness, as well as for anyone interested in the basic facts of how people relate to each other. - Roy F. Baumeister, author of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength and The Power of Bad With some 30,000 psychology articles exploring the new science of forgiveness in the last two decades, what have we learned? The Handbook of Forgiveness, authored by the research all-star team, provides the definitive answers. For information ranging from the biological roots to the psychological fruits of forgiveness, this is, hands down, the single-stop, go-to source. - David Myers, Hope College, co-author, Psychology 12th Edition and Social Psychology, 13th Edition Sequels are not always better than the original, but this one surpasses the exceptional standards set in the first edition. Foundational and fundamental to a life well lived, forgiveness fascinates partly because we realize that we all need to forgive and be forgiven, yet it is one of the most challenging of human behaviors. I am grateful to the contributors of this volume for helping us along the journey to live a full and flourishing life. - Robert A. Emmons, Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Positive Psychology



november 2019
Aantal pagina's
392 pagina's


Worthington, Jr., Everett L.
Taylor & Francis Inc



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