Happy Birthday Notebook Keepsake Journal Notebook For Best Wishes, Messages & Doodling V16


STOP buying those stupid birthday cards.

No one wants them. Why do you want to waste your ten bucks on something they toss in the garbage or tuck away in their underwear drawer.

Now you can give them a gift they feel guilty about. Who throws away a journal filled with messages from loved ones? No one that's who!

This unique birthday keepsake book makes the perfect birthday gift for men and women. Create a personal time capsule with this autograph book for birthday parties.

Our birthday journal notebook is designed for the birthday guests to write all the heartfelt, funny and potentially dirty messages in. At 7" x 10" and 120 blank pages there is even room to doodle nasty pictures.

When the party starts pass this book around and let the memories flow. Use it all up at one birthday party or save blank pages for the next birthday and the next. If you are your friends only friend then this book will last them a long time.

Now you can put your friend's birthday cards to shame.



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