Healing a Wounded World

Economics, Ecology and Health for a Sustainable Life

Healing a Wounded World
Bindwijze: Hardcover


Auteur: Joseph Wayne Smith  & Graham Lyons

Co-auteur: Gary Sauer-Thompson

Uitgever: Abc-Clio

  • Engelstalig
  • 232 pagina's
  • 9780275956011
  • april 1997
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This scientifically rigorous and philosophically sophisticated defense of environmentalism is meant to excite, educate, and alarm the reader. There is a widespread scientific and public recognition that the world is facing an environmental crisis of vast proportions. What is the relationship between the growth of human population and industrial activity on one hand and the environmental crisis on the other? If this is not determined and dealt with, Earth's ecology may be expected to collapse.


?In North America, we have the tendency to look at the world from a strictly American point of view. In this book, we see how others view the world. I recommend this book to everyone for study and possible action.?-Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith


Auteur Joseph Wayne Smith, Graham Lyons
Co-auteur Gary Sauer-Thompson
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 14x234x156 mm
Gewicht 498,00 gram
Verschijningsdatum april 1997
ISBN10 0275956016
ISBN13 9780275956011

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