Heart Attack Prevention for You & Me Symptoms & Early Signs, First Aid, Treatment, Warning Signs, for Women & Men Symptoms & Early Signs, First Aid, Treatment, Warning Signs, for Women & Men

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Heart Attack Prevention for You & Me Symptoms & Early Signs, First Aid, Treatment, Warning Signs, for Women & Men


A heart attack is totally unwanted event which occurs due to the instability of coronary arteries which are responsible for supplying blood enriched with oxygen to heart muscles. When some of these arteries block then this disease occurs. Heart attacks are more found in the industrialized countries. There is a large population of the world which faces heart attack but we can’t deny this fact that it is due to the advanced medical treatment that after one heart attack maximum patients covers the shortcoming and recover them.For the proper functioning, our heart muscles have a constant requirement of blood richer in oxygen. Coronary arteries are there to supply the blood to heart and all other parts of the body. In case of any artery related diseases, arteries become narrower and the blood can’t flow as usual. There is an accumulation of various fatty items line the arteries which stops or minimize blood circulation. I Don't Want You To Get Heart Attack.You Are Strong Enough To Prevent You & Your Family From Heart Attack. I Know That You CAN PREVENT It. I Trust In You. With A Few Secrets Mentioned In This Book You Will Be Able To Prevent From Heart Attack Easily. Trust In Yourself. I Trust In You Because You Are A Good Person And I Want To Share My Secrets With You.What You'll Get Inside:What is Heart Attack? Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks? Heart Attack Symptoms Warning signs of heart attack Step by step leading to Heart Attack Heart attack symptoms Heart Attack in Men and Women Introduction Heart attack in men How to Protect Against Heart Attack How to be protected from Heart problem and in turn heart attackProper diet to be safe from Heart diseases How to treat a Heart Attack? How to stop further Heart Attacks? How to minimize the immediate chances How to minimize the Long term chances Take a Sneak Peak Inside (page 6):''Warning signs of heart attackIf you are feeling the following symptoms consult to the doctor immediately. You may have chances for heart attack.DyspnoeaDyspnoea is related to the shortening of Breath. This problem of shortness of breath or breathlessness is generally experienced in patients who are suffered from heart diseases. It is additionally a cautioning indication of heart attack. Breathing trouble while practicing or whatever other physical effort may show an issue with heart valves. However it can likewise be because of aggravation and debilitating of the heart muscle which is known as cardiomyopathy , which brings about inappropriate contraction.Chest painIf you are suffered with heart related problems or heart attack then you may feel chest pain. This chest pain is generally the result of inflammation of heart covering tissues. The sort and term of chest pain is likewise characteristic of the fundamental coronary illness. You may have a mild pain or sharp pain. It may live with you for a couple of seconds or for quite a long time together.'' Buy Now Heart Attack Prevention & Help Yourself & Your Family To Forget All Fears Of Heart Attack!
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Symptoms & Early Signs, First Aid, Treatment, Warning Signs, for Women & Men

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