Herbriella Gold in the Haunted Palace of Kutch

Auteur: H V Vora
Taal: Engels
Herbriella Gold in the Haunted Palace of Kutch
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9788192131108
  • juli 2011
  • 200 pagina's
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Ten year old Canadian Herbriella Gold, an orphan sets out to accomplish her late mother's left out task- to find her father, with the help of her true boarding school friends and few teachers. Every time she tries to solve the mystery behind her nightmares and magical events occurring around her she goes on ambushing herself more into it. She never thought to fall upon the dreads instead of the serene magic of which she was fond of. Like the fantasy character Harry Dangerous Serpent Book Potter she always wished to be a part of the magic world though she was not a witch or fairy] so she continues her journey wherever she was drawn. Starting from the boarding school in Maharashtra- India she finally reaches the haunted Palace of Kutch- India and was shocked to get burdened with the new assignment and that was to dig out her own origin and not her father: an assignment left out by her biological parents, a century ago. She travels on land, in water and through desert, too. Experiences many momentous dreads and fought them bravely. Loads of people helped her and some of them misguided her purposely. Well, she thought this was the end but this was the actual beginning-rise of the evils. Oh God, who was she? Was she ten year old school going child or half the century old ripened? What was the reason that she was in India and not in her home place Canada? What happens, was she able to discern the evils from good and unearth her identity? Who did misguided her- so called foes or her trusted friends? So folks to discover the two way life of Herbriella Gold neither a fairy nor a witch]



juli 2011
Aantal pagina's
200 pagina's



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