Homies, Lovers & Friends 3 EBOOK A Brooklyn Love Story

  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781648404023
  • april 2017
  • Adobe ePub
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With the secrets of Mello's infidelity, Patsy is left with a baby, drinking problem and decision to make on her marriage. For years Patsy's life has been about her husband. Will she be willing to work things out with the only man she has loved? Or will she allow her drinking problem get in the way and destroy more than just her life? Michelle and Thor are in a weird place where they love each other, but don't feel entitled to speak on things in each other's life. With Maggie coming around more often, will Michelle reveal to Thor her dislike for Maggie? Or will she continue to keep her mouth shut and allow Maggie to push up on her man? Kelsie is with Emont. Emont is friends with Milli. Milli is in love Kelsie. Kelsie is in love with Milli. Kelsie has tangled herself in a web with two men that she has feelings for. Not only is she trying to juggle two men, but she must find a new job and go to court to fight for the benefits that Marcus owes Miracle. Will Marcus finally come around and do what's right for their daughter? Or will he continue to be the opposite of a little girl's hero? Milli is in love with Kelsie, yet doesn't want to tell her. With her always turning him down and pushing away, he finds comfort in Sonya. Will Sonya reveal some secrets that might push Milli to jump into a relationship with her? Or will he continue to keep it as casual sex between them? Mello is in a world of trouble with the two women he claims to love. One is wife and the other is the mother of his two sons. While the obvious choice to try to make it work with his wife, will she be that forgiving towards the only man she has loved and trusted with her heart? Will Kenyetta be alright with Mello fighting to get his wife back when she has been the one holding down his heart in Atlanta? One things for sure with part 3, there are some homies, lovers and friends. Will the roles reverse with all of these couples?



april 2017
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


Jahquel J. J.
Royalty Publishing House

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