Horses Amazing Pictures & Interesting Facts for Kids

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Horses: Amazing Pictures & Interesting Facts for Kids The horse, or "Equus ferus caballus," are often seen in movies and fairytale stories because the men, like the knights and princes, would often ride them. Horses are also used for sports and competitions. Some people also use them to help carry heavy loads. Horses have three different categories based on their characteristics: spirited "hot bloods" with speed and energy; "cold bloods," such as ponies, which are suitable for slow and heavy work; and lastly, "warm bloods," which is a cross breed between hot bloods and cold bloods, and are for specific riding purposes. Horses and humans interact well with each other so much that humans use horses for police work, agriculture, entertainment, and even therapy. Horses go way back in history when they were used by soldiers during wars. Soldiers have relied on horses so much that they were able to develop techniques for riding while using many different styles of equipment and weapons. Table of Contents Chapter 1 - Horses - Introduction to Horses Chapter 2 - Horses- Anatomy Chapter 3 - Horses - What they eat Chapter 4 - Horses - Social Life Chapter 5 - Horses- Mating and Reproduction Chapter 6 - Horses - Caring for horses Chapter 7 - Horses - Sleep Patterns Chapter 8 - Horses - Habitat Chapter 9 - Horses - Movement Chapter 10 - Horses - Offspring Chapter 11 - Horses- Lifespan Chapter 12 - Horses - Evolution Chapter 13 - Horses- Breeds Chapter 14 - Horses - Diseases Chapter 15 - Horses - Color and Markings Chapter 16 - Horses - Use of horses today Chapter 17- Horses - Where are They Now?



februari 2016
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26 pagina's



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