How Quiet Introverts Thrive In An Extrovert World: Learn How the Shy can Outsell Anyone, Succeed as an Entrepreneur, and Take Advantage to Win & Influence People & Friends - Improve Your Social Skills EBOOK Tooltip

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  • april 2019
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Ever try to impersonate an Extrovert to fit in?

Can't over come social settings because you're easily over shadowed? Looking for the completive edge that will make the playing field even so you can standout without changing who you are?

All around us we hear the achievement and success from two thirds the population. The other one third are the unheard voices. The ones who listen instead of speaking. The ones whose innovations go unheard of. The one who favor working on their own. They are the introverts with a voice not heard. Just because the quiet has enveloped you into the shadows doesn't mean you can't outshine the Extroverts of the world. Even if your voice isn't heard, the value you bring will do the talking.

It's no secret loud, outgoing, personable people have a leg up on the quiet. Some people are energized by others. And while there's no right or wrong personality, there is a certain imbalance that puts introverts at a disadvantage in many situations. What that means is you need to find alternative means that allow you to fit in as an introvert. Learn the queues that allow you to take advantage of an opportunity and thrive in an Extrovert world.

This book is not about reinventing yourself but providing the skillsets to even the playing field. I'm talking about how to leverage your voice in social settings. Know exactly what to say and connect when you want too. Leverage charisma on demand. Dominate your competitors as an entrepreneur or in a sales setting.

Furthermore, you'll discover:

How to single handily create small talk and chatter without being awkward.

How to outsell the Extroverts even when your quiet and shy.

A survival guide for social situations to help you get known and be remembered.

How to build a network and make friends without changing who you are.

The one simple phrase that influence and persuades when nervous.

If you're tired of being dealt losing hands for being yourself, then this book is for you. My goal is to teach you strategies that only internally focused people can use. Strategies that will put you ahead of even your most extroverted counterparts.

If that's what you need don't waste another second. Get your copy now and take charge of your life!

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april 2019
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Samuel C. Larson
Samuel C. Larson

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