How to Build Highly Profitable SEO Agency EBOOK Even if You've Never Done SEO Before

Auteur: Sanusi A. L.
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  • augustus 2019
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My book teaches you step by step how to build a 7 figure SEO digital marketing company and land $5,000 clients even if you don't Know anything about SEO (search engine optimization).

This book is written for beginners looking to learn SEO and create a passive 7 figure income from it monthly. I've been doing SEO marketing since 2014. Unfortunately, there are still millions of companies I'm yet to reach out to and help.

My book will teach you how to build your own agency and start killing it with SEO. You will learn how to help big companies get free traffic from Google.

You will also learn how to make money from the knowledge of SEO I provide.

I wrote this book to teach who ever is lucky to find it the basics and some advanced tactics of SEO needed to run a very profitable digital marketing agency. YOU are one of the lucky people who have found this precious book. So I strongly advise you to order it right away.
In the book, I go further to show how you can become an SEO Pro quickly and make the kind of money you never dream possible in the digital marketing industry.

The sky is the beginning when it comes to making money from SEO marketing.
In this book I'll show you:

Where you can find businesses with large budgets and who are in desperate need of help (my new special SEO tactic).
The 10 best niches around which I would build an SEO agency. I revisited the predictions I made to show how accurate I was.
The list of exact companies you should offer to help.
How to speed up your success with the model of SEO that I highly recommend.

More specifically, here's what you will learn in my book:

10 niches you've likely never thought of before that are going to explode in popularity.
How I find companies to reach out to, companies that need SEO help and are willing to pay you at least 5 thousand dollars for it very quickly and do not mess around.
Actual companies I would personally reach out to and offer to help, and how I'd offer to help them.
Where to watch a video of my live case study where I wrapped up new clients with a pen name with a brand new website.
Where to have me personally share the SEO leads I get with you (I literally had hundreds in August 2020 alone).
Share with you the niche I get the most client inquiries in – you will be as surprised as I am.

These are 7 good reasons why you should start your own SEO agency:

#1: The SEO industry is growing very fast
#2: SEO is the 8th most-in-demand Linkedin skill
#3: Getting SEO clients is an introvert's dream (you don't need to talk to anyone if you don't want to)
#4: There's an unlimited supply of clients. 170,000 new websites are built every single day.
#5: Your income can be totally passive
#6: Your language and location are irrelevant.You can speak any anguage and work from anywhere.
#7: Ad Bans creates a great opportunity. Some companies which have been banned by Google and Facebook from running paid ads have no other option than to turn to SEO to get traffic. I will tell you who they are in my book.

So what are you waiting for? Order this book right now to learn how to start your own SEO marketing agency because I've made SEO marketing really very simple to understand.

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augustus 2019
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Sanusi A. L. A. B. Lawal
A. B. Lawal
A. B. Lawal

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