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How to Crochet

7 Simple Steps to Learning How to Crochet in 7 Days or Less!

  • Engelstalig
  • 28 pagina's
  • 9781507887073
  • februari 2015
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How to Crochet – 7 Simple Steps to Learning How to Crochet in 7 days or Less!This Book Will Guide You To Learning How to Crochet Effectively and Efficiently!Learn the simple step-by-step crochet stitching from simple to big crochet projectsAlmost all people of different ages are having fun with creating crochet works. Be it a simple hat crochet or blanket crochet, once you’ve already started with the work, you don’t want to end it anymore. Aside from being hooked up with yarn crafting, there are other health-related issues we can take advantage from crocheting. It is an inexpensive activity which lets an individual relax and be free from stresses.It helps enhance the mood of a person and let creativity flow from his/her mind. This book will show you how easy crochet stitching is and the benefits you will get from doing all the crochet works.This book will serve as your guide through your learning on how to crochet effectively and efficiently. It will also provide you some of the basic knowledge about the tools and materials you need to review before buying.You do not want to start your crochet without knowing the basics of stitching that’s why this book will as well teach you how to crochet the right way!Why You Must Have This Book Today!In this book you will learn the basic tools and equipment you need for your very first crochet work.> This book will teach you how to start your piece properly and effectively.> In this book you will learn how to read and follow designers’ patterns and create more of your own.> This book will guide you to creating easy yet creative crochet works like blankets, bow ties, bracelets, and more!> This book will teach you the basic terminologies and abbreviations most people from the yarn industry use and follow.> In this book you will learn what other big works you can do on crochet stitching.> This book will help you to understand and know the benefits and importance of crochet stitching to you and to your community.> This book will teach you what yarn material and crochet needle best suit your crochet project.> This book will give you knowledge about following designers’ crochet diagram and a lot more.What you’ll Discover from “How to Crochet – 7 Simple Steps to Learning How to Crochet in 7 days or Less!”* What is crochet stitching and how to start with the right tools and equipment?* Step-by-step guide on learning how to crochet.* What comes with a crochet pattern and how to follow it properly?* Changing yarn color effectively in the middle of crochet stitching* Tips and techniques for efficient crocheting.* More designs to follow.* Updated guide to crochet terminologies and abbreviations.Interested In Learning More About This Book?Hurry! For a limited time you can download “How to Crochet – 7 Simple Steps to Learning How to Crochet in 7 days or Less! " for a special discounted price of only $2.99Download Your Copy Right Now Before The Price Increases!Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.—————TAGS: How to Crochet, Crochet, crochet stitching, crocheting, crochet pattern, blanket crochet stitching, crochet bracelet, baby blanket crochet, Knitting, Knitting for Beginners


Cheryl Farmington
2x229x152 mm
50,00 gram
februari 2015

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