How to Live in a Van and Travel Live Everywhere, be Free and Have Adventures in a Campervan or Motorhome - Your Home on Wheels

How to Live in a Van and Travel
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Auteur: Hudson
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  • juni 2017
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Imagine being able to live wherever you want, travelling the world whilst having everything you need with you in your own cosy home on wheels

Three years ago I was miserable. I'd sit at my desk every thinking "this can't be it'. I felt like I was missing out, like there was so much more to life than going back and forth to a windowless office building every day feeling unfulfilled, uninspired and fed up.

I needed more. I wanted to explore the world, live in different places, meet different people and let every day be an adventure. I wanted the life I thought might be out there. Maybe you also feel like this from time to time?

My dream was get a van, make it into my full-time travelling home and break away. Off into the sunset. To be free, with the whole of Europe (and possibly beyond) as my garden. So that's what I did.

Now my life is very different. I live where I want, I do what I want, and travel and adventure are part of every day. I am free of my old shackled life. I decide when and where I work, how much I get paid and what I do with the rest of my time.

A van is freedom. It's the new office. It's the new home. And no one will be asking for rent.

No one told me a life like this was even possible and my experiences over the last three years have exceeded my wildest dreams.

Which brings us to you and this book!

If you're tired of the daily grind, working flat out five days a week and then too deflated or exhausted to live it up at the weekend…

If you yearn to be the Captain of your soul, to live free, travel far and explore what life can truly offer you… Or if you just want to escape in a campervan for a few weeks or months but don't how to make it happen, or if it's even possible...

Then this book is for you!

On the fringes of beautiful beaches, on high mountain roads and scenic country lanes there's a quiet revolution taking place.

All over the world people are rejecting the confines of urban life, of being hemmed in by other people's expectations and settling for daydreams of what could have been…

''The rise of the Van Dweller is more than a trend, it's a new way of life."

You can now live anywhere you want. Van life represents a new kind of freedom. It's the new office, it's a life of adventure and it's the ultimate digital nomad experience.

This book will help you to shortcut three years of trial and error, hundreds of experiments, mis-adventures and tens of thousands of miles of experience.

You'll learn why all it takes is a single decision and how to take action and get started.
And once you commit to your new life of freedom this book can be your indispensable guide:

  • How to know if van life is for you

  • How to get started, key questions to ask to help you pick the right van

  • Practical solutions to the challenges you'll encounter as a van dweller

  • How to get on the road and stay travelling

  • What's life on the road really like, the highs, the lows, and the people you'll meet on the way

  • The truth about Freecamping and how to comfortably live on £10 a day

  • How to make money on the road, working remotely and independent revenue streams

  • How to stay connected while living off the grid and on the road

This book is the result of my three year adventure as a full-time van dweller. It's been an amazing ride and one that will continue for years to come.

If you've ever dreamed of living your life on your terms, of controlling your destiny and creating a lifestyle based on freedom, choice and adventure then this book could be your essential first step.



juni 2017
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286 pagina's
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